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What to buy as a gift after a cheap, beautiful and beautiful trip to Australia?

What to buy as a gift after a cheap, beautiful and beautiful trip to Australia?

After a trip to beautiful Australia, everyone wants to bring small gifts to relatives and friends to share the joy. So what to buy when traveling to Australia? Here is a list of gifts you should buy when having the opportunity to set foot in Australia.

Vegemite Butter

What should I buy as a gift in Australia ? A jar of sweet butter is sure to make an impressive gift for loved ones and friends. Vegemite Butter is a unique margarine in Australia, in this country, 90% of Australians have a jar of Vegemite in their kitchen.

What Gifts Should I Buy When Traveling in Australia?Vegemite Butter

Consider the gift from Kangaroo Country of a delicious and nutritious Vegemite butter box! Made from brewer's yeast and foam, then condensed and added with salt and essential oils, Vegemite always has a distinctive scent, Australians often spread bread or crackers, as this butter is given. is very rich in vitamin B.
With its distinctive black color, Vegemite has caused many to mistake them for dark chocolate butter. Plus, any Australian will advise you: “Oh my god! You must try this dish because it is a specialty dish of Australia ”. However, the taste of this food is very picky for people to enjoy, so it can only be very fond of, or extremely hateful, Vegemite butter.

Aboriginal art works

Australian Aboriginal art is displayed in all the states of Kangaroo, however, the Northern Territory is one of the best places to choose because it has a large number of Aboriginal people. live. Table linens, bags, authentic Aboriginal art design products are worth buying. The local artists and communities here will receive design royalties when you purchase them at Bulurru Australia.
If you do not know what to buy when traveling in Australia that can be used for a long time, even more unique, this is the most suitable gift!

Heart Tam Cake

For those who have had the opportunity to travel to Australia, surely know a very popular brand of chocolate cake here. It's a kind of chocolate that can be found at any store and supermarket - Tim Tam. 
A product that is not so well known for its health benefits, however, buyers are still irresistible by the captivating deliciousness of Tim Tams. The cake is exactly a chocolate lover's product with two layers of chocolate malt biscuits, a soft chocolate cream in the middle and a layer of chocolate dipped in again.
Australians especially like this cake, each year, an estimated 35 million packages are sold on the market. You can find Tim Tams on any shelf at any supermarket in Australia. This is also a very meaningful gift for relatives and friends after returning from Kangaroo Country.

Kangaroos, cotton koalas

Kangaroo or koala bear can be said to be typical of Australia, so getting a gift of a kangaroo or a koala bear will be a souvenir in Australia stamping that you have entered this country. Keychains or kangaroo decorations will be the ideal and most familiar choice. You can buy them as gifts for friends, relatives or just display them on the table, to remember your time in Australia.

Products made from Kangaroo leather

Real McCaul specializes in creating leather items such as wallets, bags and coats made from kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is proven to be the most durable leather in the world because of its thickness making it difficult to tear. If you are looking for a high quality leather product, then make sure that the manufacturers use kangaroo leather.

Opal and other types of jewelry

In the beautiful land of kangaroo, visitors can also admire and buy many unique gemstones. Coober Pedy in South Australia is the place where most of the world's precious opal stones are exploited. Or the Kimberley region in Western Australia, where you can buy rare pink diamonds right at the Argyle diamond mine or the eye-catching pearl beads in Broome. If you are wondering what to buy when traveling to Australia  for relatives and friends, this suggestion is extremely ideal.

Australian wine

A really special gift when traveling to Australia is famous wine. The Barossa Valley in South Australia is famous for being home to some of the most famous red wines including Penfold's world-famous Grange Hermitage that visitors should buy when traveling in Australia.
In addition, there are some famous wine regions such as Margaret River and Swan Valley (Western Australia), Hunter Valley (New South Wales) and Yarra Valley near Melbourne. However, visitors should learn about the experience of the customs regulations on transporting alcohol from abroad to Vietnam to avoid possible inconvenience.
Above are some experiences of buying gifts when traveling to Australia so that you can consider and choose for yourself meaningful gifts. Your journey to Australia will be more fun with attractive gifts for everyone.

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