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Try your luck in the gold-digging town of ballarat in Australia

Try your luck in the gold-digging town of ballarat in Australia

Gold mining town Ballarat Australia where you can ride on a horse cart to explore the town and receive gold directly, moreover if you find gold, you have the right to bring!

Ballarat gold mining town in Australia

Ballarat is a unique town located in Victoria (Australia), only about 100km northwest of Melbourne about 1.5 hours by train or 75 minutes by car. Ballarat is a quiet and quiet ancient city with more than 80,000 inhabitants, coming here at the time stopped in the 19th century. Currently, although mining activities no longer take place, it has been approved by local authorities. protected intact and is currently an "outdoor museum" to serve Australian tourists to visit and learn about gold mining.

Ballarat gold mining town in Australia is considered to be the starting point of the gold mining movement in Victoria. In 1851, at Poverty Poinnt, several ounces of gold were discovered by John Dunlop and James Regan while they were treated in a nearby river branch. The attraction of gold makes this quiet town noisy and bustling. After only a short time, tens of thousands of people flocked to Ballarat believing in luck to find gold. 
Gold is so much that, Victoria alone, produced an enormous amount of gold equal to one third of the total gold produced in the world during the same period. And starting in 1920, gold started to run out. 
Currently, Ballarat becomes a famous tourist destination of Australia . Here, visitors can return to the most exciting years of the past and can find gold by themselves.
The town recreates the scene of the 19th century, with visitors wandering around the caves and alleys, shops, gold springs or down the gold cellar. Gold reserve staff will 'turn' into 19th century Ballarat town dwellers with jobs such as blacksmiths, postal staff, hotels, saddle sellers, street-side singing, baker , groceries, waiters, gold treats ... 
The women were shuffled in long, wide flare skirts, high necks. Men are tights, wide-brimmed Australian hats. Occasionally, the guitar sang and played games for guests to enjoy. A little more flavorful point at that time were the butchers running around on the road ...
In particular, visitors can be a gold digger directly when they are taken by wagons down to dark underground mines to visit the gold mines. An entire old town has now become an open-air gold museum, on Sovereign Hill, is a great experience for every visitor to visit and explore.
Visitors can be a gold digger directly when they are taken by a wagon down to the dark pit to visit the gold mines, as if they were on a train back in time 150 years ago to see the mining profession. yellow.

Try your luck in the gold-digging town of ballarat in AustraliaTour to visit the gold mine

Besides, you can see the ore crushers from 150 years ago. At the same time, visitors will be able to experience the feeling of becoming real gold diggers when they get into the stuffy, dark tunnels deep underground.

Sovereign Hill - where you go back to the 19th century

Sovereign Hill in the gold mining town of Ballarat, Australia  , includes an old town dating back to the 1850s with 60 shops selling antiques, fine arts, eateries, bakeries, stalls and newsprints, ... The old house also has white tents to live in gold mining migrants, with traces of Chinese people such as pagodas, the northern pharmacy, ... The staff here will transform into: Blacksmiths, postal workers, saddle sellers, singing on the street, baker, grocer, waitress, ... All walking and talking make the scenery of the olden days come to life. 
In particular, visitors should stop at the Gold Museum. This is part of the Sovereign Hill complex and you'll see artifacts that have been exhibited and gold used throughout history.
The price to visit the "apprenticeship" to dig gold for one trip is 55.50 dollars. Not very cheap, but the guests kept getting in, so many groups had to wait in line. Ballarat gold mining town of Australia more than 160 years ago, is now designed and rebuilt as real. The wooden houses with the look of the Far West lie adjacent to each other. This is a photo shop, which displays old photos. The other is the Victorian Theater, but at the entrance there is a requirement: do not bring food or drink into the theater. Pub is of course indispensable for gold diggers.
Occasionally there were advertisements on the walls of the house, indicating words and paintings such as: the horse race at 6pm on September 13, 1855; The dentist's dental office Mr. S. DeSaxe; The Eagle dinner shop… Strabismus also has a few wanted orders stuck in between. The residents of that day, now immersed by the tourist area staff, also appeared on the street quite a lot.
Only Melbourne cities  more than 1 hour by car, but  the gold mining town of Ballarat Australia  still has its own atmosphere, the scenery of ancient nostalgia will definitely be a great experience for every visitor. 

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