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Tourism Launceston - the second largest city in the state of Tasmania in Australia

Tourism Launceston - the second largest city in the state of Tasmania in Australia

The city of Launceston is not a popular Australian tourist destination but there will be a lot of fun to see!
If you like food, fresh produce, wine and beautiful scenery, then  Launceston city is the place to go. The travel tips in Launceston below will help you plan your trip to this great city.

Beautiful Cataract Gorge

Located near the South Esk River, the Cataract Gorge is a city ​​tourist destination  of Launceston  just a 15-minute walk from the center. On either side of the steep canyon, hiking trails from the 1890s lie on the cliff face offering panoramic views of the river below. With observatories offering breathtaking views of the river, perfect for a morning walk. To reach the highest peak here, sit on the longest one-span chair in the world if you are not afraid of heights or cross the Kings Bridge also offers great views of this cradle.

The tourist attractions in the city of Launceston are attractiveCataract Gorge

South of the river is a great cafe and outdoor swimming pool, a lovely spot to soak in a warm day. In the north at Cliff Ground you can see colorful peacocks and friendly walls in the domed Victoria garden. Alternatively you can take a river cruise to see the cliffs and waterfalls.
Right at the mouth of the canyon, Penny Royal Adventures is a family-friendly attraction with hiking, trekking, and a number of other attractions.

Triangle Island swamp area

The Triangle Island swamp area is a tourist destination  in Launceston  just a 10-minute drive from the center, and the Triangle Island swamp area is a paradise for nature lovers - especially beekeepers. The first stop should be the interpretation center, where you can learn about the history of the Tamar River, wetland ecosystems and its resident wildlife.
After visiting the screens take a stroll along the footpath and admire the lovely views of the Tamar River with its tranquil lagoons. The animals here such as black swans, eagles, ducks, swallows and pelicans, frogs and snakes are here. Also you can see that the Padillacons are small swamps from the grasslands but should not be near them!

Wild adventure in Hollybank

At Hollybank Wild Wild Adventures is a city-  town Launceston located in  the northeast, thrill seekers can choose from the wide range of paid outdoor activities here.
If you're not scared of the thrills try gliding at a height of 50 meters through a rubber grove on a 2.5 hour zipline adventure. Your guide will share the details of the ecosystem of this area with you.
Another popular adventure here is the self-guided ropes course chosen according to age and skill level and incorporates a variety of fun activities, from crawling across nets, climbing ropes to bridges. by wire.
If you are afraid of heights, choose to visit Segway off the 90-minute road, winding along the trails through the forests of old eucalyptus. You can also race through the jungle on a mountain bike adventure.

Harvest Launceston Community Farmers Market

Held every Saturday, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm, Harvest Launceston Community Farmers Market is one of Launceston's delightful gourmet city tourist destinations Here, you can try and buy some of Tasmania's famous fresh and handcrafted foods. Chocolate, honey, fresh blueberries, fresh meats, organic milk, freshly baked bread, sweet fruits and vegetables and cherries will whet your taste buds and you can chat in person. farmers who grow crops.
Gourmets want to discover more of the state's gourmet food by signing up for a gourmet walking tour like Taste.Walk.Talk. The pre-dinner tour to the local dining hotspots is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Launceston at night.

Royal Park

On the west side of downtown Launceston, Royal Park is another popular green space in the city. The park is home to the Queen Victoria Museum. You can stroll along the river boardwalk to Cataract canyon sanctuary or catch a river cruise from the nearby pier.
In this park you can take a walk in the green spaces or choose from facilities including gym equipment, a children's play area, an ice skating park and an outdoor barbecue area that is served. daily with utensils and food available.
The city of Launceston is an Australian tourist destination that is not too popular compared to hotspots like Sydney , Melbourne, but it is very popular with Australians. Here, you will discover the beautiful natural scenery, learn about the cultural life of the people as well as challenge yourself with interesting adventure travel experiences.

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