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Top list of most famous Melbourne tourist destinations

Top list of most famous Melbourne tourist destinations

If Sydney is vibrant and modern, Melbourne will bring a more peaceful and classic beauty. There are many interesting Melbourne tourist attractions waiting for you to explore!

Federation Square

Federation Square is a square located in the heart of the city, one of the  famous tourist destinations in Melbourne .

Why is it a destination not to be missed when traveling to Australia ? The design architect has turned the concept of graphics inherent in the computer into the real unique geometry here. After sunset and when night falls, its color and texture undergo astonishing changes.

The most attractive tourist destinations in MelbourneFederation Square

The main structure of the square includes 11 buildings and several open areas. Most of the square's functions are designed to meet the cultural and entertainment needs of the people. It is an ideal place to connect with the community, share culture and showcase the lifestyle of Melbourne and Victoria.

St Paul's Church

St. Paul is located at the intersection of Swanston Street and Flinder Street station. Built in 1891, this is a famous building in the city of Melbourne. It is famous for its walls made of green stone but has now been replaced by sandstone. In 1932, the church built three more spiers to make it look more magnificent. St Paul's Church has stained-glass windows, glazed tiles, wooden chairs with Victorian architectural style.
Although located in the busy neighborhood of the city, it offers a quiet atmosphere and is the headquarters of the Archbishop of Melbourne.

See the Yarra River

A must-see  Melbourne tourist destination is the Yarra River that flows through the city and the best way to experience it is a water taxi ride on the Yarra River. The Yarra River has many beautiful views with bicyclist and pedestrian trails and paths.

Royal Botanic Gardens

Attracting more than 1,900,000 visitors annually, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne  is a valuable part of cultural life and a valuable asset to this heritage city. With stunning views, tranquil lakes and a diverse plant collection, the botanical garden is the place to explore and experience the green spaces in the heart of the city.
This beautiful garden is home to a wonderful and varied plant collections such as camellias, rainforest plants, cacti, roses, california flowers, herbs, perennials, sesame and tree from southern China. Guilfoyle volcano in the botanical flank offers visitors a wonderful area to explore. It is also a nature reserve for native wildlife.

Queen Victoria Market

As an extremely attractive tourist destination in Melbourne , Queen Victoria Market has everything you need in a traditional local market, from fresh produce, vegetables to food shops, shopping. are all here.
Queen Victoria Market offers an authentic shopping experience right in the city center. It can be said that this place is like a national heritage building, is home to hundreds of small businesses and is the largest outdoor market in the southern hemisphere.

Captain James Cook's House

Captain James Cook's house in the Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne's city center is a wonderfully romantic spot with picturesque vistas. Built in 1755, it is the oldest building in Australia and is a popular tourist destination in Melbourne .
Originally located in Yorkshire, England and built by Captain James Cook's parents, the house was brought to Melbourne by Sir Russell Grimwade in 1934. It's surprising that each brick is individually numbered, packed into barrels and then shipped to Australia.

Flinders Street Station

It is like the symbol of the city of Melbourne , located at the corner of Flinders and Swanston streets. The station has a special architecture that was once the first steam train station in Australia. Visitors to Melbourne can easily recognize the cream yellow stucco red brick building with its large dome and clock tower.
Contrary to the ancient look, the inside of the station exudes a modern look thanks to the layout of souvenir shops, cafes, cafes, newsstands ... There is also a police station, so security is very. guaranteed. During weekends, this place welcomes more than 110,000 passengers with 1,500 trains.

Eureka Skydeck Tower 88

This is a special Melbourne tourist destination, where you can stand on the highest observatory in the Southern Hemisphere. The Eureka Skydeck 88 Tower offers an astonishing experience as it opens up to the dramatic views of Melbourne city below and the vast expanses of skyline.
With the tower's 285 m high observatory, a glass bottom protruding from the building, visitors will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the city stretching to the Dandenong Range and Port Philip Bay.
Melbourne is one of the most developed cities in the world but is still very old with a bustling and hustle-bustle pace. Here you will discover even more interesting things about Australia's famous city!

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