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Surreal beauty of the world's largest sand island in Queensland

Surreal beauty of the world's largest sand island in Queensland

Fraser Island Australia - the largest sand island in the world is a place of special beauty with stretching white beaches surrounded by strikingly colored sand cliffs and 100 freshwater lakes.

Fraser Island Australia - the largest sand island in the world

If you just thought of the island as a sand dune jutting out of the ocean, it could be much larger than you might imagine. The island also has tropical rainforests that grow on the sand, many freshwater lakes and is one of the few places in Australia where wild boats can be seen. Fraser Island is quite large with a length of about 120 km and a width of 24 km.

Fraser Island Australia has a permanent population of only a few hundred people and has no roads on the island, only narrow, zigzag sand streaks in the middle and a long beach that acts as a highway stretching along the east coast and is a relatively unspoiled tourist destination in Australia .
There is no airport on Fraser Island Australia , the nearest airport is Hervey Bay (HVB), there are domestic flights from Sydney with Virgin Australia, or from Brisbane with Qantas. When you reach Hervey Bay, you can ride south to River Heads to take a ferry across the island. It took 40 minutes by ferry ride to cross Kingfisher Bay.

Interesting experiences on Fraser Island Australia

Kingfisher Bay

As a great place, this bay has a bar right on the jetty and is a great place to watch the sunset. This is one of the few rare places on Australia's east coast where you can actually see the sun setting over the water.
The beach is also a nice place to walk. There are thousands of small crabs moving in large groups at low tide and it's a fascinating phenomenon to watch.

Lake Mckenzie

This freshwater lake on Fraser Island, Australia has such soft and white sand that you will hardly believe it for real! You can spend the day floating in the pleasant warm water of the lake. The water here is made up of rainwater accumulated on the trees to form so that no animals or plants can survive in the water. To get there, you will have to drive through sandy roads in the middle of the island.

Eli Creek

Eli Creek's small freshwater currents are a great place to cool off on Fraser Island , where you can swim upstream. If you bring your own swimming float, there's a walkway that will take you a few hundred meters upstream, then you jump down and slowly drift back down, this process is great for relaxation. It can be said that this is a great place on the island when thousands of tourists come here to experience it.

Wreck of the Maheno shipwreck

In 1935, the Maheno steamer was sunk here during World War II and is now the most visible rusty mass of metal during low tide. This could be an iconic tourist spot on the island, where it is heavily photographed by tourists.
Today you are free to move around in and around the wreck. The wreck is located on the beach highway and is visible from afar.

Hammerstone Sandblow

This giant sand will make you suddenly feel like you're in the desert. It seemed to go on forever and started in a rainforest and ended at Lake Wabby. This tour is definitely more suitable for sporty and athletic people who need foot health because of the softness of the sand. You will have to walk about 4.6 km to go all the dunes.

Bathing in champagne pool

Many people do not know why there is such a way to call this on Fraser Island Australia . Located north of Indian Heads these rocky lakes provide a safe place to bathe in the ocean when sharks are all around. The name of the lake comes from the bubbles created when waves break on the edges and into swimming pools

Lake Wabby

Wabby is a dark blue lake, about 20 minutes from the beach, with a large sand dune slowly encroaching into the lake, and will eventually swallow the lake completely over the next few years. Turtles and freshwater fish can sometimes be seen in the lake if you're lucky.

Fraser Island AustraliaLake Wabby

Note that when arriving at Fraser Island , the prices of hotels are quite red, especially in resorts. Especially, you will have to prepare your own food unless you are in the resort because there are very few people living around. Also, bring your own water.

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