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Santa Clara Town – Colors of Cuba

Santa Clara Town – Colors of Cuba

Cuba is known for its long tradition of history, by its distinctive culture, or by the flavour of chicken. As a small town in Cuba, Santa Clara town is blessed with many interesting opposition colors, attracting tourists to stop.
Inherent in nature for its unique scenery, Cuba has always highlighted its radiance on a map with a long coastline, sparkling coral reefs in the sun. For many years, the biggest island of the Caribean has been a popular attraction for tourists. If you are looking for the most characteristic Cuban culture-stained experience, Santa Clara is one of the places where you should come.

Location of Santa Clara

In opposition to the La Habana capital with large architectural buildings, or the differences with the town of Trinidad with restored works such as back in time, Santa Clara is a small town in the Villa Clara province. Santa Clara has only nearly 250,000 residents living, but the historical tradition, the culture of Santa Clara is incredibly diverse and rich. In the midst of a small town, there are always unique living things, with friendly people always a plus to make Santa Clara enthusiasts.
Although Santa Clara is not an outstanding destination, most of the people who choose to come to Cuba choose the big capitals or the beaches and the historic museums. So only those who are truly passionate about exploring, opening the door to the country's tourism Cuba can feel and comprehend the beauty hidden within Santa Clara. Santa Clara is one of the most important battlefield in the historical Cuban revolution. Looking for Santa Clara, not only have you learned a lot of important historical information about the Cuban Revolution, visitors also enjoy the different colors of the Santa Clara culture.

thi-tran-santa-claraDistinctive colors in Santa Clara

See the opposing colors of Santa Clara

Find a history of old-fashioned retro past

Referring to Santa Clara town, few who choose to mention the famous tourist destination in Cuba, which often considers this a suitable place to learn history. Santa Clara took out an incredibly important historical battle of the Cuban Revolution of 1957, overthrowing dictatorship of Batista. This historic revolution has gone into many books, circulating in Cuba and is famous in many countries because it is an extremely important battle not only for the people of Cuba but also to the world.
In Santa Clara that year, the army of Che Guevara, along with many other revolutionary forces, overthrew the regime, making the historical victory. Now in Santa Clara, the monument to Che Guevara is built in the city, which is an extremely important destination when you have a chance to visit here and there should not be missed.
The monument of Che Guevara is a great variety of monuments, tombs, and the hero Che Guevara symbol. Although not at the center of the city but coming to Santa Clara, surely you can watch the castle of Che Guevara that emerged from the distant, Majestic.
The Cuban people along with the people of Santa Clara carved 38 tombstones of guerrilla soldiers who had sacrificed in the historical battle. The people of this place cherish and appreciate the meaning of the army of Che Guevara, all of which are stored in the history museum.
In addition you can come to Santa Clara town to learn more about the many historical past, many buildings are constructed long-standing or the large church.. The streets of Santa Clara are all in a historic way, so you can step quietly and slowly while choosing Santa Clara for a vacation.

Stir current with the annual music festival

After reviewing the history of Santa Clara, change the atmosphere for herself by enjoying the atmosphere of rebellious music. Santa Clara is thus always in his two grams: the bass color of the past and the vibrant colour gamut of modern. Whether you're a passionate travel experience or passionate about the past memories of Santa Clara can be attracted to the attraction.
Santa Clara is not simply a capital that belongs to the past, as if you have not been burnt out with the music festivals in Santa Clara, it is not understood about this place. The people of Santa Clara have a lot of entertaining and transform their lives with annual music festivals.
If you are visiting Santa Clara on Oct. 11, don't miss the Ciudad Metal Rock Festival every year. This is a traditional Santa Clara festival beginning in 1990, where the gathering of famous rock bands, not only in Cuba but also in many other countries.
In Santa Clara town You can also catch a lot of bars, the club is built extremely nicely. The famous Santa Clara is the Club Mejunje that most visitors have to come to the destination. Club Mejunje has both a children's cinema, tea rooms for adults listening to music, or lively nightclub bars.
A beautiful land in the heart of Cuba as Santa Clara is the place where you can have a lot of beautiful memories. Come to Santa Clara, find the past and live with the modern times!

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