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Pocket a thousand and one self-sufficient Philippines travel experience!

Pocket a thousand and one self-sufficient Philippines travel experience!

Philippines - a beautiful island nation with lots of interesting things waiting for you to explore! What are you waiting for without going right away pocket a thousand and one self-sufficient Philippine travel experience right now!
It is not wrong to say the Philippines is like a tourist paradise! With charming scenery, bustling developing cities, unique culture and diverse cuisine, ... what better way for you not to choose which island nation? Prepare yourself a little English, a passport and a little money, go on your trip to the Philippines now!

Do you know all this about the country of the Philippines?

As an island nation located in the southeast of Vietnam, the official name of the Philippines is the Republic of the Philippines. With an area of ​​more than 300,000 square kilometers, including more than 7,000 islands, large and small, the Philippines is favored by nature for countless beautiful landscapes. Therefore, this place annually attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists from all four directions to explore here!
An interesting thing in this country is that the language is mainly English so you will not need to worry about communication problems here! The capital of the Philippines is Manila - "tourist paradise" full of attractions! Coming to this land, there will be many interesting things waiting for you to come and conquer! On the way to travel the Philippines self-sufficient now!

A thousand and one pocket-sized Philippine travel experiences for you!

When should you travel to the Philippines on your own?

The climate in the Philippines is also relatively similar to the weather in Saigon, Vietnam. The temperature in each place will be different, but on average, in this country, the temperature is about 30 - 31 degrees Celsius. The weather is divided into two distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season. The rainy season usually falls from June to November with a lot of rain or even storms, and from December to May next year it will be the dry season, the weather is clear now, sometimes it rains but will not make a big impact on your trip. Don't worry! 
Therefore, for your journey to be the most convenient, you should choose to move in the dry season! This is the most ideal time to travel the Philippines on your own with many different attractive festivals! If you want to travel the island, choose the time from now until March, April next year is perfect!

The most convenient way to move to the Philippines!

To be able to travel to the Philippines on your own , the only means you can choose is to fly! There are many airlines that you can consider to choose from such as: Vietnam Airlines, Air, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific Air, ... with round-trip rates ranging from about 50 USD to 200 USD, equivalent to about 1,100,000 VND to 4,500,000 Vietnamese Dong. You can also pay attention and buy tickets early or hunt for tickets when there are promotions for cheaper prices!
When traveling in the Philippines, you can choose from a lot of different means such as: planes to travel between different domestic tourist destinations, taxi, bus or Jeepney - a very popular vehicle. Preferred in this charming island country that is nowhere to be found or Tricycle, cyclo, horse-drawn carriage, ... Besides, you can also travel by boat to go to the tourist islands, please Rest assured, because travel costs in the Philippines are extremely cheap!

Where should you be in the Philippines?

As a country with quite a strong development in tourism, do not worry when you come here where you will have to be! Hotels and motels in the Philippines are extremely plentiful and the prices are also very suitable. In major cities, there are high-end hotels for tourists such as the Paragon Tower Hotel, the Tune Hotel of Air Asia, the Malate Pensionne hotel or some hostels are also standard for you to choose from such as : Lokal Hostel, Our Melting Pot Hostel, Manila Homestay, Z Hostel, Junction Hostel, ... The average cheapest price is about 20 - 30 USD, and at an average price of about 35 USD.
Or in El Nido, you can look for hotels such as: Swiftlets Inn, Sei Nazioni Cottages, Joaquinn's Bed & Breakfast, ... or more luxury resorts to resort such as: El Nido Garden Beach Resort, Matinloc, Cauayan Resort, ...
You can also contact to book in advance to save money as well as avoid running out of rooms during the peak tourist season! 

Traveling to the Philippines on your own can not help but go to these places!

Manila capital

Known as a beautiful place that you must definitely visit when traveling to the Philippines on your own , the capital Manila has a lot of interesting things. You can visit the ancient citadel of Intramuros - which still stands after centuries or art galleries displaying unique works of painting. Visiting stunningly beautiful Manila Bay, or experiencing the impressive Chinatown with shopping and enjoying new Chinese specialties is one of the must-do things for you when you come here!

Pocket a thousand and one self-sufficient Philippines travel experience!Manila has a lot of interesting things waiting for you!

In addition, the capital Manila also has a myriad of destinations you can go to such as: San Agustin Church, Manila Cathedral, Rizal Park, or visiting Bay Walk Avenue, bays, discover food, Excellent bars here!

El Nino Beach

El Nino Beach is located at the end of Palawan Island, more than 400 km from Manila. This place is known as an attractive and charming destination by the always clear blue sea water, thousands of colorful coral reefs, or unique with black marble cliffs, many glory, many waterfalls. 
Here you can also visit Puerto Princesa Underground River National Park - 1 of the 7 natural wonders of the world recognized by UNESCO! El Nino really is no different from a fairy tale place on earth!

Explore major islands in Philippines

Batan Island - an island in the northernmost part of the Philippines, is the second largest island in the Batanes archipelago. With its majestic nature and fresh air, unique stone houses, lush green fields, and crowded herds of cattle roaming the green meadows, Batan Island is an extremely destination. 
Siquijor Island - it's not wrong to say this is an island that "eclipses" anyone who comes here! This island has a more modest area than the brother islands around it, where there is a proud history with very unique architectural churches that you should definitely visit.
Boracay Island  is one of the islands you must definitely visit whentraveling to the Philippines on your ownThis is considered one of the most beautiful beach resorts in the world with countless beautiful beaches, water games, onshore, shopping centers, restaurants and tourism services. Strong development, promises to be a destination not to be missed for you!
Apo Island - charming island with loads of interesting things. Coming here, you can experience the "last diving spot" together with the most beautiful underwater sanctuary in the world!
Palawan Island - an island in the western part of the Philippines. This island has a length of up to 450 km and has up to 3 airports on the island. With such a number is enough to show you how attractive this is a tourist island, right? Coming here, you can experience the beautiful beaches, watch the brilliant coral reefs or the tropical forests and rich and diverse ecosystems.
Siargao Island - an island for those who love to explore and conquer themselves. With clear blue beaches, vast primitive forest system with countless magnificent waterfalls. It is also considered as the "cradle" of the arts of windsurfing and swimming in the Philippines!

Big cities

Ancient Cebu city is an attractive destination for tourists whentraveling to the Philippines on their ownThis place is also known as the extremely beautiful name "Queen City" when it has countless beautiful beaches, special games and festivals that cannot be missed!
The city of Legaspi - the "capital" of the world's whale sharks - where you can give yourself a 1 0 2 experience such as a shark-watching yacht or shark diving! Really incredible but real at Legaspi!
Sagada City - a plateau filled with mysteries awaits you to discover! Far from other modern cities, Sagada offers tranquility, valleys intermingled with mountains, hidden waterfalls hanging, ... promising to bring you interesting experiences. 
Daraga City - located in the North of the Philippines, southeast of the island of Luzon. It is dubbed the most perfect "hat" because the image of the Italian mountain is like a hat that makes visitors everywhere excited and come here every year! Going into the city center, you will see the bustling and vibrant atmosphere different from the serenity outside the suburbs.
Davao City - the city is not too bustling and bustling, but it is worth coming to you on yourself-sufficient Philippine tourWith a harmonious blend of sea and mountain, warm sun, and cool sea breeze, it will definitely make your trip even more wonderful when visiting Davao!
The ancient town of Vigan - this place has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the cultural heritages of the world with beautiful ancient architecture buildings, unique cultural features, with the unique identity of Filipinos. .

Pinatubo volcanic lake

Pinatubo volcanic lake is one of the lakes located next to a dead volcano in the central part of Luzon Island. Coming here, you will admire the very majestic natural scenery with countless different terrains. Around the lake are mountains with steep cliffs, or you can also experience to learn and explore the life of the oldest indigenous tribe in the Philippines.

Pocket a thousand and one self-sufficient Philippines travel experience!Pinatubo volcanic lake

Taal volcano and Mount Tagaytay

About 60 km southwest of the capital of the Philippines, Taal volcano is an attractive destination for travelers interested in exploring because of the newness and beautiful scenery here. With a system of surrounding volcanoes located on a small island, coming here you can experience Taal climbing, or a romantic boat ride around the lake below!
Along with that, one of the other mountains in your self-sufficient Philippine travel journey  that you should set foot on is Tagaytay. The scenery when standing from Mount Tagaytay looking down or zooming away cannot help you to be surprised! Certainly, the Tagaytay climbing experience will bring you lots of interesting things! Don't miss it!

What to eat in the Philippines?

Philippines not only attracts tourists by famous and attractive places but also attracts visitors to come here with extremely unique and delicious dishes. Same point names of dishes that can not be missed when traveling to the Philippines at your own expense right now!
Famous Filipino dishes that you can not help but taste when you come here such as: Mami noodles - the national dish of national soul, tsitsaron - the "greasy" dish that is uniquely transformed with Taho, pinakbet - the favorite dish the most popular in this island nation, Isaw grilled chicken or tuna, adobo, kamaro - a dish cooked from an insect, a fragrant grilled banana, ... cannot be missed!

What to buy after a self-sufficient Philippines tour?

Coming to the Philippines without any shopping is truly regrettable and extremely flawed! And do not miss the opportunity to come to Manila - the economic and financial center of the island nation. Where you can freely shop for everything and also the most entertainment center in the Philippines! So when traveling to the Philippines is self-sufficient , where should you go to shop? Let's answer this question right now!
One of the largest shopping centers in Manila that you should visit is Makati City - the "shopping paradise" in the Philippines. Or you can also visit Rustan's - bustling shopping center with countless famous brands such as Lalique, Tiffany, Cartier, Dunhill, ... or visit Land Mart, Shoe Mart, Part Square, Quiapo, Green Hill, China Town are more affordable shopping areas with very affordable prices. 
Traveling to the Philippines by yourself is also full of other interesting things that you can experience! 

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