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On the unique culture of Cuba

On the unique culture of Cuba

Cuba is known for being the ideal destination for tourists. Not only attractive by the unique architectural features, poetic landscapes that are attracted by the culture itself can not be mixed with any country! Let us learn about the unique culture of Cuba right now!
Cuba is known for being one of the nations that holds the unique charms of cultures ranging from Latin America to Europe, Africa. Over time, the unique cultures of Cuba are still fully preserved. 

A general overview of unique cultures in Cuba

Cuba's culture is heavily influenced by the culture of many different countries, especially Spain and Africa. Cuban has just absorbed, has just joined various cultures and perhaps so the culture here is incredibly diverse and developed.
If you don't know about the distinctive cultural features here, let's find out with us right now to understand why this country is "pleased" with visitors!

Cuba – no-bridge culture

It can be said that the main revenue source of the country of Cuba comes from travel with more than $2 billion per year, the higher the figure is known from the source of cigar – the major export of the country! So what is the reason why visitors visit this island? This is because of the unique culture of Cuba in the hospitality of the people.
When you visit restaurants, guesthouses or hotels, you will all find the service is extremely attentive and warm from the staff to the management. It's not just their job but also the spirit and manners with everyone around the very best of the people here! Not only in the services, the people of Cuba are hospitable, you can receive the incredibly enthusiastic welcome of everyone.
This is also the country with extremely low violent proportions because everyone is very happy with each other. When you visit Cuba , do not worry about this place is absolutely safe and will give you a lot of unique experiences!

Antique cars are one of the indispensable unique touches in Cuba!

If you have a question why in Cuba there are many old cars so you can learn Interesting things when visiting Cuba to understand! The classic car models produced from the previous century have remained intact. It is possible to say that the vintage cars that appear on the big road or any other niche have become a unique cultural feature in Cuba!
Don't be surprised when these "super-vintage cars" are gathered by the big cars in the world "hunt" to possess, even too old cars to have been put into the museum to cater to the city's tourism! So, visit Cuba, you are considered a free antique car show!
Vibrant dances – unique culture in Cuba!

Văn hóa độc đáo tại CubaDo not be surprised when these "super-vintage cars" were the great collectors of cars in the world "hunt down" to own

Rumba Dance-Beauty in Cuban culture

Refer to Cuba as mentioning the exciting dances that can not be missed! If you visit anywhere you can also see on the faces of the people where the fresh expression and the dances, dances are incredibly vibrant and passionate. It's not just how they present a passion, but it's a way for them to relax and relieve stress.
Rumba – One of Cuba's dances is recognized as Intangible cultural heritage. It can be seen that these rhythms are part of the Cuban nation, a unique culture in Cuba and the expression of "self-esteem and persisting" which forms the unique identity of the Caribbean island nation! The Rumba is not only strong, vibrant, but extremely graceful, sympathetic, the jumps combined with the music in so the connection of many people, creating a fun "spread"! That's great!
In addition to the prominent cultures above, in Cuba there is a mixed culture of different peoples, which also brings different diversity. For example, in literature, there are many famous non-Cuban writers such as Stephen Crane, and Ernest Hemingway,...
Beginning in the 19th century, Cuba's literature has had the most profound and resonances around the world. At this time, the main theme for veteran writers choosing to be the subject of independence and freedom of the nation. Some of the great names that come to this country you can easily hear such as: Nicolás Guilsneak, Jose Z. Tallet, José Lezama Lima, Reinaldo Arenas, Guillermo Cabrera Infante, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, or Leonardo Padura Fuente, Ronaldo Menedez,...
With unique and interesting cultural touches you should once experience in Cuba to see the different people and cultures here. In addition to exploring the culture, the country has a myriad of interesting things that are also waiting for you to experience! Don't hesitate to go right here!

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