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Name the old quarter in Cuba

Name the old quarter in Cuba

If you are a historical enthusiast, having a journey to the country of Cuba, make sure you will not be able to miss a stopover in the old quarter of Cuba. Not only is the land convergence of modern romance, Cuba also holds a lot of vintage features beyond time waiting for visitors to explore.
Thanks to nature in favor of temperate climate, all year round, so any season you can also set foot in Cuba. With a culture of diversity and long history, Cuba is not only mentioned as a modern tourist destination but also known as a peaceful countryside, keeping the mark of time thanks to the old quarter in Cuba. With the name of the old City destinations in Cuba, you can get new experiences in your travel itinerary.

City of the past and modern – La Habana

When calling the Old Town in Cuba, it is certainly not possible to miss the Havana capital. The La Habana Capital was called by the Cuban as the place holding the heart of Cuba, attracted to the Soviet, dynamic and retained the beauty of timeless. Havana is the largest city in Cuba, being located in the northwestern island of Caribean.
In 1509, Havana was explored by Europeans and visited by sea. By 1510, the Spanish colonists and founded Havana, the ancient sea as bustling, as the center for Trade in the Caribean region. This is why Havana has a lot of buildings built up, including antique buildings and neoclassical buildings, and modern buildings.
In Havana now there is an ancient architectural population that is preserved and stored very meticulously and carefully over time, every five months. For those who are passionate about history, Havana is the perfect choice, with the oldest-listed architecture in the Americas.
The testimony of the Old Havana is the square, the convent, the museum... And if you want to verify the old town in Havana, don't forget to visit El Morro Fort which was built from 1589 to 1630, net-life 41 years. Or you can stop by the old, stone-paved streets located at the city centre, admiling a very own beauty of Havana.

Camaguey – One of the old neighbourhoods in Cuba history

Camaguey is located in central Cuba, built from 1515 on the north coast with the first name, Santa Maria del Puerto del Principe. Camaguey was one of the old neighbourhoods in Cuba built by the Spanish and moved in from 1528, at a time when many raids took place.
In Camaguey from the early days of the building, many museums, monuments, and ancient buildings are still preserved. When you set foot in the old town of Camaguey, you will surely realize a lot of special touches that no neighborhood has to offer. These roads are winding around each neighborhood, the alleys are cramped but have a lot of time,.. Many people said that the roads winding in old Camaguey to defend pirates, protecting the safety of the people.

khu-pho-CamagueyCamaguey School of existence through the five months

In essence, Camaguey has the same ages as Camaguey influenced by a new artistic background – the art of physics. With architectural researchers, history has said that the ancient architecture of Camaguey showed the interaction between people and culture, nature.

City of Heroes of Cuba-Santiago de Cuba

In addition to Havana, the Caribean region also emerged from the city of Santiago de Cuba. Santiago de Cuba is listed as a list of old cities in Cuba, as Santiago de Cuba has witnessed many important historical events from the time of Spanish localization. To date, Cuban traditions are still preserved and strive to remain in many places on the old town of Santiago de Cuba.
During the colonial years, Santiago de Cuba took on many national independence struggles, so Santiago de Cuba was dubbed the City of Heroes. Coming to Santiago de Cuba, you should visit the historic Museum of Cuba dating from the 16th century, or you can enjoy the cuisine of the native people here, which are passed down from the previous centuries.

Santa Clara with the opposing shades

Find out the old town in Cuba, no need to come to the neighborhood, the big city that looks for small capitals like Santa Clara also helps you get great experiences. Santa Clara's old town is reflected in the opposition colors between the past and the modern, saving itself in the lives of its people. Only those who are truly passionate about discovering the history can see the beauty of the opposing colours in Santa Clara.
Santa Clara was the site of a historical battle of the Cuban guerrilla forces during the revolution that overthrew the Batista dictatorship in 1957. The cemetery of Che Guevara established the great victory, which was established by the people of Che Guevara Memorial in the center of the small town. That particular point is, Che Guevara consists of a complex of monuments, numerous tombs and a museum. Anyone who is coming to Santa Clara can easily see Che Guevara high-altitude horns carved in the subtle way.
The opposing shades of Santa Clara are reflected in the slow-forward melody of the past, but the people of Santa Clara also live hard and rebel in the Cuban music festivals. What more is more wonderful when you join the line of people, listen to the soothing love, enjoy the old streets of Santa Clara.

Pinar del Río neck with tobacco industry

The Pinar del Río is known for its tobacco-growing areas, being the center of the tobacco industry. In the Pinar del Río there are many museums or nostalgic exhibitions, which feature ancient architecture. You can stop from the Sandalio Noda Museum of Natural Science, which was built between 1090 and 1914, becoming the central symbol of the whole neighborhood. Or stop at José Jacinto Milanés ' theater to enjoy a play at the theater, admiring the architecture made of old precious woods.
If there was a time to arrive in Cuba, immersed in the bustling atmosphere, busy in Cuba is a beautiful opportunity. But make sure that it will be beautiful and more perfect if you are coming and calling the old town in Cuba, learn interesting things hidden in the ancient culture, learn the longstanding tradition of the country of Cuba. Sure, Cuba's ancient focus will be a beautiful footage of your travel itinerary.

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