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Have you known the churches in Cuba? Get in this Noel!

Have you known the churches in Cuba? Get in this Noel!

Where to go Cuba? Certain not to be missed the church in Cuba! Sure, these locations promise to give you a great variety of fun!
Cuba is known for being one of the most famous tourist destinations that tourists should not miss on this last year! There are not only natural landscapes, unique culture that Cuba also has cathedrals with unique architecture, strange that you should discover! 

Havana Cathedral – La Havana

Havana Cathedral is one of the many churches in Cuba that are visited by tourists. The church is also known as the Immaculate Virgin Mary Church. Located in the Cathedral Square, it is one of the 10 Roman Catholic churches in the island and the oldest of South America!
The church is built into a rectangle with a length of more than 30 meters, 2 towers that are symmetrical but disproportionately do a very interesting thing for the church! The style of Havana Cathedral was styled in Baroque under the hands of the Italian architect Francesco Borromini in 1748. Until the year 1787 the new church was officially completed and was ordained a sanctuary – the seat of the Roman Archdiocese of La Havana.

Bạn Đã Biết Các Nhà Thờ Tại Cuba Này Hay Chưa?Havana Cathedral is one of the many churches in Cuba that are visited by tourists.

Iglesia San Juan Bautista-Remedios

The Iglesia San Juan Bautista Cathedral in Remedios is known as one of the oldest churches in Cuba. The church was built in 1550 and renovated to expand in the 18th century, with the ceiling being made from wood with a boat projection placed upside down incredibly interesting, carved out the details incredibly meticulously. The church was built in the style of Baraque, almost identical to the Havana cathedral.
Coming to church, you will discover a multitude of interesting things. Especially, the whole church is covered with gold foil. Or the very unique Virgin Mary statue is placed here that you shouldn't miss! Promising to come to Iglesia San Juan Bautista You will have a very unique experience!

Basilica of El Cobre

Says the Basilica is the princess of El Cobre not wrong! The church this year on a hill, to come here you need to go through the Sunflower field and the Virgin Flowers grow 2 The roadside incredibly beautiful! Come here, do not hesitate to buy a bunch of sunflower to put on the altar inside !
Deep into the church you can see the brightly coloured glass panels made from the crystal when the sun shines. The architecture of the cathedral is also very unique for you to visit. Along with understanding the history of the church, you can also learn the unique religious culture at El Cobre! This must be one of the churches in Cuba that you should visit when traveling in this beautiful island!

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption – Santiago

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption is located in the city of Santiago, Cuba, which was constructed from 1514 and the Cuban era was still a Spanish colony. It was originally only built as a small chapel, located on a small hill with a combination of prison in Santiago. In 1522, it was the place where Pope Ermita de Santa Catalina was elevated to church and expanded as well as revised many times to date.
In front of the church is Céspedes Park – where you can just have fun and admire the whole church from afar. In front of the church, there are also 2 extra elaborate pieces of sculptures made from marble. The church was frequently destroyed by many earthquakes on the years between 1678, 1766, 1852 and 1932. By the year 1958 the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption officially became a historical relic of Cuba.

Iglesia Santa Elvira – Varadero

Iglesia Santa Elvira is one of the most visited churches in Cuba ! This is a small church located in Varadero – Cuba. Come here, you can freely visit throughout the church. Which is the quaint, classic architecture, the atmosphere is always quiet and gives visitors the pleasant. Come to here, you just prayed and just explored The interesting things about this piece of Varadero What's in it right!

Iglesia Parroquial Mayor – Espiritu Santo

The Iglesia Parroquial Mayor was constructed of wood in 1522 – one of the oldest Cuban churches! However by the year 1680, the architecture of the house is replaced with stone. Iglesia Parroquial Mayor is located in the centre of Espiritu Santo, in the center of the square. It has simple architecture along with large outer paints that have changed progressively over time.
Inside the church is a Christian statue made of wood in the 18th century entitled "El Senor de la Vera Cruz". Stay on the ceiling and be very well designed with great white domes. Iglesia parroquial Mayor is a real destination for your visit to Cuba !

Church of Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral – Havana

The Church of Our Lady of Kazan Orthodox Cathedral is also known as the Notre-Dame cathedral in the shores of Havana, at the corner of San Pedro Ave and Santa Clara. It has been built quite recently since 2001 with the symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church in Cuba – this is as a "monument" for the friendship between Russia and Cuba in the last time!
Under the hands of the architect Alexey Vorontsov, Cuban engineer Pedro Rodriguez Sanchez and Eusebio Leal – The historian of Cuba is extremely famous, the church is a harmonious combination between classical and modern elements, interfacing 2 cultures of Russia and Cuba. Inside the dome-shaped tower with a very large main gate, which surrounds the main building are 4 smaller buildings with a Byzantine structure.
The church is constructed from conventional concrete and bricks, the stairs are made from granite but are decorated incredibly meticulously and in detail. The church's main space has a capacity of more than 500 people at once. It would be great if you come here and get in the delegation to pray!

Catedral de Santa Clara de Asis – Santa Clara

Catedral de Santa Clara de Asis is known as one of the churches you should visit while traveling to Cuba! The cathedral is one of the Roman Catholic churches in Santa Clara, just 2 buildings from Vidal Park and right next to the El Mejunje Cultural Centre. It's convenient to do not!
The church was constructed in 1940 under the controversy of the government at the site after the main church was demolished in 1923. It is built in the classical Neo-Gothic style with windows made of glass combined with marble. The very impressive works that you can admire here are poisonous, strange, like the statue of Jesus Christ in the main hall or the beautiful white Mary statue of God. Don't miss the chance to admire these wonderful things when you visit Cuba!

Catedral de la Purísima Concepción – Cienfuegos

The church is located in Cienfuegos and is built in 1869 with classic architecture and unique colourful glass doors designed with meticulously and thorough design, the Catedral de la Purísima Concepción promises to be the destination you should not miss. You can just come here and pray and experience the unique culture of the people there! That's interesting!
Alternatively, you can visit many other churches in Cuba that are equally interesting: Catedral de Nuestra senora de la Asuncion – Baracoa, Church of the Holy Trinity – Trinidad, Basilica de la Virgen de la caridad del Cobre – El Cobre, Iglesia del Sagrado Corazon de Jesus – Vinales, Iglesia de Paula – Havana, Catedral de Nuestra senora de la Purisima Concepcion – Bayamo with White is incredibly eye-catching,...

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