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Explore the 'European corner' in the heart of the Philippines in the ancient city of Vigan

Explore the 'European corner' in the heart of the Philippines in the ancient city of Vigan

Located in the north of Luzon island, the ancient city of Vigan was built by the Spanish in 1572. This is one of the three oldest cities in the Philippines today with centuries-old palaces, evidence of architecture typical of Spain when the Philippines was still under colonial rule.

The beauty of the ancient city of Vigan

Having been occupied by Spain for a long time, Filipino culture and architecture were quite deeply influenced. You can see this when visiting the old town of Vigan - a Spanish colony preserved quite intact to this day.

The ancient city of Vigan in the province of Ilocos Sur always attracts visitors because of its unique beauty nowhere. It has cobblestone and cobblestone streets, small streets with steep roofs and architecture blending ancient with modern, between Europe and Asia.
With what is most intact in Asia, unique architecture, the town of Vigan is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. You will be lost in the past when stepping on the old town, watching the houses still preserved with sliding wooden doors, feeling the tranquility. Early in the morning, wandering through the empty streets, watching the nooks and crannies of the city, or visiting the shops to buy lovely souvenirs to feel the simple life here.

Unique architectural blend at Vigan

With a lifetime of up to 4 centuries, the lines of the ancient city of Vigan also fade more or less. However, on the old street Mestizo, the soul of Vigan, is the square paved road, surrounding the central square, the Catholic church ..., the elements of the ancient Spanish Quarter.  However, the difference that distinguishes Vigan from the other ancient Spanish streets is in the influence of the typical architecture from the vast Chinese country and the indigenous Ilocanoians.
Not only that in this city, you can also see somewhere on the streets that is equally unique architecture from Don Quixote. These are two-story townhouses with wooden floors with tiled roof, below which is a wholesale store with a bustling atmosphere of locals and tourists from many places.
Not only the mix at Vigan, if you are sophisticated, you can recognize the imprint of the indigenous people through the windows assembled from white clam shells - suitable for stormy land and still able to receive get sunlight.
Visiting Vigan especially on weekends, do not miss the chance to visit St. Joseph's Church. Paul Cathedral. The church was built in 1641 in a very special earthquake baroque style. With a wide cathedral, neo-gothic architectural lines, some extra Asian decorations, make the church radiant to become a beautiful highlight for the old town.
In particular, the impressive thing to increase the beauty of Vigan is what nature has endowed with stormy lands and people here. The narrow Mestizo river is still green in the embrace of the street. St. Paul Cathedral is glorified by a row of red fiery phoenixes around. Old prison in the middle of the street is now open for customers, if you do not pay attention, the flower park is cared for and watered.

the ancient city of ViganVigan is a perfect destination for those who want to learn about the culture and history of this Pacific island nation.

On the rugged, clean stone-paved streets, the delightful sound of the hooves of horses resounded. The journey on a kalesa - a horse carriage, a big old town or going to the sea to enjoy the wind at the price of about 60,000 VND / hour is difficult to find in tourist areas, other relics, however strange are popular here. In the old town, "go a few minutes to the old place", just climb a little bit of kalesa is the outskirts. Vigan has a black sand beach that is sparkling with minerals, very clean and bold. Black sand, blue sea, white clouds, blue sky, accentuating a few people basking on the quiet sand ... will be a great space for you to take pictures or relax and live slowly. 

Experience the ancient city of Vigan

According to those who have visited Vigan , the best time to visit this place is from November to March next year. At this time, the weather here is very beautiful, suitable for excursions and fun. The weather was pleasant, neither too hot nor too much rain. So Vigan Philippines tourism in the months mentioned above is very crowded.
To get to Vigan as well as many other Philippine cities the fastest way is to travel by plane. From Vietnam to Vigan city of the Philippines , you can choose to buy air tickets from airlines such as Vietnam Airlines, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific. Flight time takes about 2h30 minutes. The plane landed in Manila, then you can travel by means of a car or boat to get to Vigan. From Manila to Vigan takes about 5-7 hours.
In Vigan there are transportation vehicles you can use such as: Taxi, pedicab (cyclo), kalesa (horse-drawn carriage), poro (ferry). But a draft horse is a motor vehicle that is frequently present on the streets. You can rent these vehicles to travel around the city or to other locations. An experience for Filipino tourists is to travel by any means you should bargain.
As one of the most attractive tourist destinations of the Philippines , Vigan owns a wide range of accommodation from high-end to low-end. If you go to the Philippines on your own, you can consult Melso Hotel, Hotel Luna, My Vigan Home Hotel, Ciudad Fernandina Hotel, One Vittoria Hotel, Paradores Vigan. These are hotels that are highly appreciated by tourists for their service and price. When traveling to Vigan Philippines , you can visit hotel booking websites to choose a room for your upcoming trip.
During the peak tourist season, many hotels in the city of Vigan Philippines are often in a state of "room fire". So reservations in advance is extremely essential. You should consult and choose places near attractions or food centers for convenient transportation. The price of hotel rooms here ranges from 30 USD / night / room.

What to eat in Vigan?

Besides exploring tourist attractions in the city of Vigan Philippines, Vigan Philippines travel experience advises visitors to plan to explore the cuisine in this beautiful small town.
Tuna is processed into many dishes, but the most delicious and simple is the raw fish dish. The interesting thing is that when eating this dish, diners will not feel the fishy taste, only realize the spicy, warm, warm taste of wasabi and the sweet sweetness of fresh fish meat slowly dissolving on the tongue, creating an incredible aftertaste. Not only raw fish but Filipinos also prepare more sophisticatedly with grilled fish. The fish is cut into moderately thick pieces, marinated with appropriate spices and then grilled over an embers heat to keep it sweet and fresh. In addition, Filipinos also eat grilled tuna with salad, some herbs.
One of the famous traditional dishes in the Philippines for vegetarians is Pinakbet because the ingredients for cooking include tomatoes, squash, bitter melon, eggplant and okra. This will be a strange, healthy, vegetable dish that tourists should enjoy if traveling to Vigan Philippines . The price of Pinakbet is also very cheap, which can be used as an appetizer in meals.
This Mami noodle dish is also a highlight in this island's culinary culture and was imported from China. When entering the Philippines, it is transformed by people here into a national dish, that anywhere, you can meet immediately in people's meals. Noodles are made from the best wheat flour, and the bone broth is sweet and rich. Combining with traditional meats and specialties has created a popular, delicious and cheap specialty dish that you must eat once when traveling to Vigan Philippines.
The beef in this Beef Tapa is marinated with soy sauce, kumquat (kumquat), sugar, and vinegar, usually overnight, then sautéed (previously dried). This Beef Tapa is usually served with white rice (or garlic fried rice), an omelet and a little sour food. The beef tapa can be sliced ​​like a little finger, or left as thin as a matchbox, or has a place to tear the thread like a drop.

the ancient city of ViganTourists will not have to bear the rowing scene but can freely visit and contemplate comfortably.

Vigan old town is really beautiful, still with its ancient, wild looks ... it remains the same, not being touristized and modernized. Perhaps because Vigan is not too famous, does not attract tourists like the sea islands. Indigenous people are very busy, bustling, very few tourists. 
When your feet are tired, stop by the quiet little cafes, sip a cup and coffee on the parasol-like chair for a carriage. At night, Vigan looks even more attractive and romantic by shimmering, magical lights.

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