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Delicious dishes in Sydney must try

Delicious dishes in Sydney must try

What to eat in Sydney tourism? The following Sydney delicacies are sure to be ideal for you!
For first-time visitors to Sydney, you will find that the city not only has  the Sydney Opera House , Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach and Darling Harbor ... It is also home to a number of breakfast places and The best coffee in the world!
Sydney's colorful culture has also created some very creative dishes that have become famous worldwide, below is a list of delicacies in Sydney for you.

1. The world famous strawberry watermelon cake

Black Star Pastry restaurant in Sydney is famous for its delicious strawberry watermelon cake in this city. Great taste combined with quite feminine style, a visual stimulating cake will give visitors a delicious must try, this is a lot of check-in on Instagram.

List of 6 delicious dishes in Sydney must tryThe world famous strawberry watermelon cake
A slice of famous strawberry watermelon cake (cost around AUD5.50) created by Christopher Thé, consisting of two layers of turquoise almond, rose-scented cream, watermelon, strawberry, pistachio and petal dried persimmon.

2. Grilled ribs and grilled steak

This Sydney delicacy of Hurricane restaurant in Darling Harbor is always packed with tourists. This is considered one of Sydney's leading BBQ meat experts, located on the 2nd floor of the Harborside shopping mall.
Its location is close to a number of places of interest such as the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, which is also a short walk from the city center. Hurricanes Grill uses a unique sauce, complementing ribs, steaks and burgers.
You can try the BBQ Meat Platter (around AUD105.00) which includes BBQ chicken wings and ribs with a choice of beef, pork or lamb for about 4 people.

3. Fresh Fish & Chips and Sashimi

Traveling to Sydney, you should visit Sydney Fish Market which is a great place to enjoy fresh fish & chips and Sashimi. Here you can dine in the outdoor area, watch seagulls and enjoy Sydney's delicacies of crispy fries with fresh fish.
Established in 1966 and located on Blackwattle Bay, it is one of the largest fishing ports. It includes a fresh seafood retail and eateries where you can order fresh seafood and cook them on the spot - deep fried, grilled, fried or sashimi.
There are plenty of retailers like Claudio's, De Costi, Doyle's, Nicholas Seafoods, but Peter's Fish Market is one of the most vibrant and cooks the finest seafood dishes.

4. Coffee in Sydney

If you want to try a drink, you should definitely try the coffee at Surry Hills which has an extremely delicious taste.
This is a destination for coffee enthusiasts, surely many people will come here to enjoy coffee especially in the morning but there are not too many seats so you can choose benches outside the cafeteria.
Many cafes in Australia offer banana loaves, banana breads with pure butter coffees (around AU $ 5.50) which are the best options you can try once.

5. Gelato ice cream

Sydney is home to many world-famous gelato stores, including N2 Extreme Gelato, Cow And The Moon, Frangipani Gelato Bar, and Pompei's. Talking about the most popular gelato store in Sydney is Mess Messina. Gelato Messina uses only the best ingredients in its raw form, leaving many people opting for it for their galeto enjoyment.
No artificial colors or flavors are used, and the special ingredients present in their ice cream (eg apple pie, fresh stewed rhubarb, freshly roasted and pureed pistachios) are all produced at store.

6. World-famous Scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are a Sydney delicacy owned by famous chef Bill Granger. Bill restaurant is famous for breakfast dishes like egg rolls and hot ricotta.
Here you should try a full plate of Aussie (costs around AU $ 24.50) served with mixed organic eggs, toast, bacon, dill tomato, miso mushrooms, pork and Fennel sausage. The eggs resemble soft yellow (and milky) clouds.
If it's not enough just to come to Sydney to travel, you can enjoy Sydney's delicacies while experiencing the local people's lifestyle!

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