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Beautiful destinations in the Philippines but few people know

Beautiful destinations in the Philippines but few people know

As a tropical country with thousands of small islands, the Philippines has always been one of the most interesting destinations in Southeast Asia. In addition to famous Philippine tourist destinations such as Boracay beach, chocolate hill, Palawan paradise ... there are many other interesting things waiting for you to explore!

Taal volcano

Taal volcano is a beautiful Philippine tourist destination located in Batanga. Located in the lake Taal, so the volcano has slept for more than 40 years is named for Taal Lake. Inside Taal volcano there is a small lake named Crater. In the middle of the small lake Crater there is a small island, Vulcan Point.

Taal volcanic lake complex is currently located in the national reserve of the Philippines. About 50 km away from the volcanic lake to visit the village of Taal - known as the Heritage Village because it still retains the ancient houses of Spanish architecture during the 300-year colonial period. 

Aamada Cotabato Waterfall

Aamada Cotabato Waterfall is known as a famous Philippine tourist destination not to be missed by couples. Because the space here creates romance, visitors can admire the magnificent scenery of the mountains and forests and enjoy the space close to nature. In addition, there are many interesting activities here to try thrills such as climbing over cliffs. This is the ideal destination for those who love nature.

Philippines tourist destinationAamada Cotabato Waterfall is a great destination for couples

This waterfall has a height of over 30m, under the waterfall is a peaceful swimming pool and very clear and visitors will also have the opportunity to mingle with nature and the water here. In addition to the beauty of the waterfall, the green trees on both sides are also an indescribable attraction for visitors to this waterfall.

Bananue terraced fields

In the northern mountainous regions of Luzon province are towering mountains and rugged canyons, where high valleys and deep streams, the terrain separate from the outside world. In that natural space is the home of the Ifugao people, the owner of the magnificent Banaue terraces. This ethnic group lives isolated from the world around them, with stubborn personality. While Christianity abounds in the Philippines and modern civilized life has begun to take shape, the Ifugao people still keep their own customs, customs and cultural identities. And that's why there are majestic rice terraces, unique rituals and festivals that are not only the pride of the Ifugao people but also of the Philippines.

Badian Falls

Badian Falls - a Philippine tourist destination attracting tourists by its poetic beauty is indescribable. There are many services here to help visitors experience a full selection of quality services such as waterfall bathing, diving and immersing in the vast space to enjoy the majestic natural space. Or visitors can take a walk on the rocks and cliffs to create a sense of relaxation and comfort. 

Mount Osmena

Mount Osmena is known for many new outdoor activities for those who love adventure and thrills. Not only can you walk and climb to the top of Mount Osmena and besides that there are camping activities and panoramic views of the tourist city of Cebu at night. Here you can even visit nearby locations like Negros Island.

Bantayan Island

Although there are not many bars, cinemas, hotels or luxury shopping malls, the beach in Bantayan is a Philippine tourist destination  that attracts tourists thanks to the fresh air, local people. A very beautiful and peaceful island located in the north of Cebu. Introduced as one of the best beaches in the Philippines with very cheap service. 
Thanks to the advantages of nature, the Philippines has become a famous tourist destination in Asia , many destinations have not yet developed tourism, making this place a paradise for those who love to experience and explore!

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