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Be ecstatic by Australia's most beautiful bridges

Be ecstatic by Australia's most beautiful bridges

Referring to Australia, people immediately think of the Kangaroo, going to the unique scallop theater, but few know that Australia's most beautiful bridges are also the places to hold visitors to this beautiful city.

1. Sydney Harbor Bridge

Referring to the most beautiful bridges in Australia, surely you cannot miss Sydney Harbor Bridge . Because it is not only a symbol of Sydney but also a symbol of Australia.
This bridge has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest bridge in the world with a length of 509m, has the highest steel arch in the world with 134 meters and weighs 39 tons. In addition, it is also the sixth longest main span bridge in the world and the second largest span in the world, second only to the Mann jetty in Vancouver.
When you visit the Sydney Harbor Bridge and reach the top of the bridge, you will admire the whole modern luxury scene of Sydney city with skyscrapers, with the exclusive Sydney Opera House. unique and the peaceful blue sea glittering in the sun.
Not only famous as a giant "hanger" with massive architecture, this bridge is also a leading romantic space of Sydney as well as of Australia, which is a place to light up the happiness of couples. Couple, witness the moment together of more than 4,000 couples and the wedding of more than 25 couples. 

Be ecstatic by Australia's most beautiful bridgesThis place is no less romantic than Paris (Photo @beckermcguire)

At night, when the lights are on, the bridge becomes dazzling, it will definitely make you fall in love. Especially on festivals or Sydney's major anniversaries, the bridge will stand out by the multicolored lights moving continuously like a symphony of light that will make you unable to take your eyes off. 

2. Webb Bridge

Webb Bridge is the bridge connecting Docklands Park to the Yarra River in Melbourne's city centerIf Sydney Harbor is famous for its giant architecture, this bridge leaves an impression on visitors by its extremely unique design.
The bridge is the perfect combination of designer Denton Corker Marshall and artist Robert Owen. With a curving shape of about 200 meters along the Yarra boundary in the tunnel and surrounded by beautiful white metal lattices, it attracts everyone's gaze as it passes by.
As the bridge is only for pedestrians and cyclists, you can comfortably stand here and take great photos without worrying about danger. Make sure, on the picture, it must be called how beautiful and beautiful. So, traveling to Australia is definitely not to forget this Webb bridge.

3. Anzac Bridge

If you want to find a place in Australia that has a unique architecture and can honor the heroes of the Australian army, the Anzac Bridge in News South Wales - one of Australia's most beautiful bridges will be a Great choice for you. 
Coming to Anzac Bridge on sunny days, you will admire the brilliant light of the sun through the iron bars, creating a very majestic sight. 
Or at dusk and at night, when colorful lights are lit, the bridge becomes sparkling, strangely splendid. Surely that scene will make you unable to take your eyes off to see.
Moreover, this bridge is honored by Bob Carr - the head of New South Wales who has contributed to the New Zealand and Australian armies. Therefore, it is not only an interesting attraction but also has a great historical value that cannot be missed during my visit.

4. Bridge Story

If you have trot required Sydney Harbor, definitely do not miss the Story bridge in Brisbane, because these two works are designed by a talented architect John Bradfield.
Not only is it one of the most beautiful bridges in Australia but this bridge also plays an important role connecting the two halves of the city of Brisbane for more than 74 years.
With the construction of 12,000 tons of steel structures and 22 floors high, extremely meticulous and meticulous, surely this work will not disappoint you when visiting.

5. Kurilpa Bridge

Continuing to be a wonderful work of the state of Queensland, Kurilpa Bridge - the bridge was inaugurated in 2009, connecting the city of Brisbane and Sydney city is the place that you must definitely visit when visiting Australia.
This bridge is the last product of a collaboration between the architect Cox Rayner and two companies Baulderstone, Arup with a length of about 470 m and the main bridge up to 120 meters, each detail is carefully built. and elaborate creating a very harmonious whole.
So, when you come to the country of lovely Kangaru, you should try once to set foot on Kurilpa Bridge to feel the peace and tranquility that is rare in the busy, bustling life of this luxury town. 
In addition to the luxurious modern skyscrapers, when you come to Australia, you must definitely visit  the most beautiful bridges in Australia to feel the most the beauty of this beautiful country.

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