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Autumn tourism in Australia is passionate about romantic lyrical beauty

Autumn tourism in Australia is passionate about romantic lyrical beauty

'Poetic', 'sweet', 'romantic' are the best adjectives to describe Australia's fall. A trip to Australia in the fall will make you ecstatic about the passionate, seductive beauty that is hard to deny.

1. When does autumn in Australia start?

Maybe you do not know a very interesting thing is that the autumn of Australia starts in March, lasts until April and 5. It's strange, right, because in many parts of the world, it is March. May is usually spring or early summer, but in Australia it is a beautiful autumn. Perhaps because it is entirely located in the southern hemisphere, Australia's climate has its own differences, in stark contrast to other places on earth.

Autumn tourism in Australia is passionate about romantic lyrical beautyAutumn in Australia takes place in March, April and May

Not only that, this is also the time of the Easter festival - one of the biggest festivals of the year in Australia, which will take place on April 12 this year. Therefore, many people choose to travel to Australia in March to May to have the opportunity to admire the beauty of this place, and to be immersed in this meaningful holiday.
If you wonder how many degrees it is in the fall of Australia , rest assured that the weather is extremely satisfying at this time. The weather in autumn is very pleasant and cool, in the daytime with warm sunshine of about 20-30 C, lower night temperatures bring a chilly and relaxing atmosphere. This is the ideal temperature for visitors to freely take a walk outdoors, often awaken to the natural beauty, as well as easier to move and explore other interesting things such as culture and people. , cuisine. In addition, it is possible to deploy outdoor activities such as camping, exploring in national parks ...

2. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Australia's autumn season

It is difficult to fully describe beauty in words. Autumn in Australia brings people gentle and lingering emotions like the first kiss that makes people remember forever, the very special "secret charm" can easily capture the heart of any traveler. customers, then passionately, unforgettable until after.
Australia's autumn beauty is fully displayed by its wonderful natural scenery. When autumn comes, the whole space is like being dressed in a colorful shirt by rows of seasonal trees changing leaves. The yellow, red color of conifers spread all the way, from the romantic streets in Melbourne, Canberra to Sydney ... Walking on the road flooded with falling yellow leaves, hand in hand with your loved one, What's more romantic, more poetic?
Not only brilliant by the roads flooded with falling yellow leaves, but the Australian space is also shimmering by the golden color of the autumn sun, not hot, but gentle, making people extremely comfortable. . The golden sunshine pouring honey points to Australia a very seductive and sweet beauty.
Autumn in Australia is also the season of sweet fruit, when the autumn comes, it is also the time when the orchard is ripe, waiting for people to come to harvest. Ripe strawberries, full fruit, bunches of grapes on the trellis ... all create a lush, rich and full of happiness.
Not only shows the full beauty, but autumn is also a time of many major events and festivals in Australia. Besides Easter, the hot air balloon festival is also waiting for many people. Taking place in mid-March, there are thousands of colorful balloons flying across the capital, Canberra . And especially the light festival takes place in the middle of May every year, visiting Australia at this time, you will admire a very spectacular "light party", immersed in the melodies. Exciting and attractive music.

3. Visit Australia's most beautiful autumn destinations

Schedule a fall tour to Australia , do not miss the following special destinations:

Come to Melbourne to explore the charm of autumn

Mixing in the autumn colors of the sky, the whole Melbourne space is also filled with yellow and red colors of autumn. Traveling to Melbourne, do not forget to step down the street to visit Federation Square, Chinatown, National Assembly building, town hall, St. Patric Church ..., the ancient architectural houses under the autumn sun seem more ancient, bringing giving people a feeling of nostalgia, lingering.
Going to the suburbs, walking on the boulevards like Macedon, Honor, you will love to see firsthand the immense fields stretching to the horizon, looming over the small houses. On the peaceful steppe, the cows roam the grass ...
Drive on Grea Ocean Road - the most beautiful road in the world to admire the mountains, majestic vast forests of kangaroos and Koala
The town of Bacchus Marsh is also one of Australia's autumn destinations for its impressive fruit and vegetable gardens. Here, you will experience being a farmer harvesting fruit trees, tasting fragrant wine and cider ...

Watching Sydney shimmering under the autumn sun

Traveling to Sydney on an autumn day, visitors will admire the wonderful beauty of this dynamic and vibrant city. Sydney Harbor Bridge under the golden sun, the sea seems greener, more brilliant. The most prominent is the Opera House  with white sails reaching out to the sea as a welcome greeting to visitors.
Enjoying the sunset by the Sydney Harbor Bridge is also one of the interesting experiences when traveling to Australia in autumn. In the afternoon, the kiss gradually let go, sitting by the wharf watching the seagulls flying in the crimson sky, below the sea surface rippling with water waves, the scene resembling a painting.
At night, Sydney turns on the lights, which is also the beginning of the nightlife, extremely bustling and exciting.
Most especially, Sydney is where you can admire the full beauty of the Vivid light festival taking place in mid-May. During the festival season, the whole city of Sydney is dyed in a magical light, shimmering color, making you feel immersed in the fantasy world.
Come to Sydney, do not forget to walk through the special places such as the central station, Saint Mary's Cathedral, or explore the Royal Botanic Garden, or The Rock historic quarter ... to fully experience Australia's autumn breath .


Autumn tourism in Australia , you will experience, admire and enjoy the autumn of the country voted "the most wonderful country in the world". This place will surely bring you wonderful emotions and unforgettable memories.
March has come, the autumn of Australia has also begun to visit, do not hesitate anymore, book an Australian tour to explore now!

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