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Visiting Belgium, you definitely have to enjoy the traditional waffles

Visiting Belgium, you definitely have to enjoy the traditional waffles

Waffle is just a street food very popular with Belgians. If you come to this country, do not forget to enjoy the Belgian Waffle.
It would be very flawed if traveling to Belgium without enjoying Waffle, the cake shaped like a checkerboard with a sweet taste! Arriving in the Kingdom of Belgium, besides beer and chocolate, don't forget to try the delicious waffles. A traditional and popular Belgian cake, visitors will encounter countless waffle shops across the streets.
Belgians often have endless pride in the rich and diverse cuisine of their country with many delicious dishes such as excellent Mussels, Belgian beers in fragrant wooden casks, hand-crafted chocolates. The work is both beautiful and delicious, the fried and fat fries ... However, many Belgian culinary experts have confirmed that: Without a waffle, the Belgian cuisine will be nothing.

History of Belgian Waffle

You may not know, Belgian Waffle  has been around for a long time. Starting around the 9th to 10th century, Belgian bakers made thin cakes with only two simple ingredients, wheat flour and water. Later when too many people made it, some bakers mixed other ingredients to make a difference.

Belgian Waffle - a special dish of BelgiumWaffles sold in the Belgian city of Antwerpen

Molds have since been created into various shapes. But the most impressive thing is the honeycomb square. That is also the reason why these cakes are called Waffle (ancient French meaning is honeycomb). By the 17th to 18th centuries, Waffle cakes were present throughout Europe. 

Types of waffle

The two most typical types are the Waffle Liege and the Waffle Brussels. Named as such by the city of Liege and the capital of Brussels, there are many bakeries passed down from generation to generation.
Brussels waffle is rectangular in shape, mainly raw materials are flour, eggs, milk and yeast. The cake is crunchy but still soft and fluffy. When eaten, it will be combined with fresh cream, chocolate and fruits such as parsley, bananas, etc. Waffle Brussels was a traditional Belgian dish until Waffle Liege emerged.
Unlike Brussels Waffle, Waffle Liege is oval shaped and renewed by the characteristic vanilla scent and Belgian pearl sugar (Belgian pearl sugar). A perfect cake must ensure the softness, foam inside and crunchy of the outside pie. Liege Waffle is also served with fresh fruit, ice cream, and whipped cream. However, with the sweetness and fat available, the cake can be used alone or sprinkled with a bit of powdered sugar or Maple syrup is enough to stir. Therefore, Liege Waffles were quickly favored by Belgians. This is also a popular cake around the world today.
Not only creative with a layer of seductive sauce on the outside, the waffles here are also Belgian variations with many different shapes such as hearts or circles. Waffle may be a bit sweet for Asian tastes but still a worth a try for those who love sweetness.

Waffles and interesting things

The main ingredients for this delicious cake include Belgian pearl sugar, wheat flour, baking powder, eggs, butter, salt and brown sugar. The ingredients are initially mixed together into a smooth mixture and then poured into a honeycomb-like mold. The cake will become crispy and hot when baked on fire at a temperature of 110-1150 C.
In the world, waffle is always chosen to make the perfect dessert. However, for Belgians, waffle cakes often appear at breakfast every day. More specifically, Belgians do not use a knife or fork when eating. They believe that eating waffle by hand is the best. Typically, waffle vendors on the streets of Belgium will not bake cakes. They only do when a customer orders. This will keep the bread hot and crunchy and taste better than when it cools.
Across the streets of Brussels , you can easily find a bakery, usually just lying humbly in a corner, but always packed with people waiting in line to enjoy a hot cake. , fragrant and sweet.
This famous cake is also sold in many places on the streets in France, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Hungary and the United States. However, in Belgium, people can only find the surprising diversity of dozens of cakes with different flavors.
The Belgian Waffle is also slightly different from other countries in that it is lighter in weight although the cake looks bigger. The hives in the middle of the cake to decorate and add to the taste is also greater.
Top Belgian bakers think that the secret to a good cake is the mold. Each waffle is made from a different mold. The mold is usually made from complex alloys and the formula has been passed down from generation to generation without any book being accurately rewritten. The longer the mold is used, the better the cakes will be.
Nowadays, when Belgian Waffle is popular in the world, it owns many different versions. But mostly still based on the original formula and ingredients of honeycomb cakes. Depending on the country, they can create their own Waffle cakes, maybe a salty waffle served with ham, sausage, ...
If you come to Belgium, do not forget to buy cakes at waffle vendors with chips, enjoying street food is also an interesting experience.

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