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Travel experience Tournai - one of the oldest cities in Belgium

Travel experience Tournai - one of the oldest cities in Belgium

Tournai, in Hainaut province is one of the oldest towns in Belgium with 2 monuments listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site. Learn about the Belgian Tournai travel experience with everything you need to know about this beautiful town!
Tournai Tourism Belgium is a lovely weekend destination for anyone interested in culture and history. However, this is also a great place to enjoy great Belgian cuisine . Easily accessible from London, Bruselles or Amsterdam ...
Tournai is a city with more than 2000 years of history. This is one of the oldest cities in Belgium. It is ruled by various rulers from France, Spain, the Netherlands and even Austria and they all leave their mark there. It is the only Belgian town ruled by Britain during the time of Henry VIII. The city experienced its golden age in the 14th and 15th centuries. But, from the 17th century onwards, it lost its meaning and today, the golden age can be seen in every corner of the city.

Where to go when to Belgium Tournai

Tournai's tourist office is a great starting point for your trip. You can watch two 20-minute movies there. One about the history of the city and one about how to build a cathedral. Both films are fun and informative and have a great introduction to the city. You will also find brochures about the city in different languages ​​there. In it, you will find maps with Tournai Belgium tours that guide you through the city. 

Experience Tournai BelgiumTournai city landscape

Just across the street from the tourist office is a beautiful medieval church. The church is famous for its five towers, giving it a royal appearance. Most buildings today are built in Roman style and Gothic architecture. A large tornado struck the city in 1999 and it jeopardized the sustainability of the building. However, restoration work began soon after and most of the building is still being renovated to this day.
The church's treasury is also quite impressive and you can see some beautiful rugs there (Tournai is famous for its history in carpet production). 
If the church is a symbol of power of religion, then its opponent and the symbol of power of citizens is the belfry. This is the oldest building in Belgium, built in 1188. You can climb up and have a great view of the city. Once up there, you will see many churches and towers everywhere in the city. While climbing to the top, you will see many smaller rooms, some of which are used as dungeons for prisoners of the city.
Tournai tourism in Belgium  you will not be able to ignore the third symbol of Tournai is the bridge Pont des Trous. Built in the late 13th century, it was completely destroyed during World War II and rebuilt after today. The bridge is a great reminder of some past time and the importance of river traffic in Tournai.
Grand-Place Market Square is the central square of the city. There are many cafes and restaurants, in addition to some impressive historical buildings are also there. Like Saint - Quentin Church and Old Cloth Hall. Coming here every Saturday you will see a market held there.
Tournai is an important pilgrimage town on the way to Santiago de Compostela. That is why you will still see many copper shells on the street marking the way to the pilgrimage church of Saint Jacques. It is a medieval stone church with a dark and dramatic interior. This is definitely a place to visit when traveling to Belgium Tournai.

What to eat when traveling to Belgium Tournai?

Tournai has a really great gastronomic setting, and there are many restaurants where you can have a delicious meal. If possible try a local beer called 'Tournai' that truly tastes. 
One of Tournai's favorite restaurants is Selcurie Ennetières. A cute little restaurant located in an old medieval house, you can also see part of a local tradition that is a fairly popular folklore tradition in Belgium (also recognized by UNESCO as part of important of world cultural heritage). And the food there is great!

Where when to Tournai?

Traveling to Tournai Belgium you can stay at the Hotel Cathedrale - this is the best hotel in Tournai. It is only steps from the city's cathedral. In this hotel you can easily walk to anywhere you want because of its prime location
Floreal Le Panoramique Hotel - If you plan to rent a car to get around, then this hotel is a place to come. Located just a few kilometers from the city center, it is a wonderful place located in the countryside, with views of a forest. This is also a great place to go with children because they have a large playground in front of it and this hotel's restaurant is fantastic.

Useful information for you

Tournai is a French-speaking Walloon town. So you can learn a few French words before going there.
You should buy the City Passes from the tourist office if you plan to visit more attractions in Tournai.
Tournai is only 15 minutes away from Lille train station. So it's easy to come from Bruselles,  London England , or even from Amsterdam Netherlands . You can get here by a train from Bruselles which takes about 45 minutes to get there.
As one of Belgium 's unexplored secrets , Tournai is definitely a place to visit and experience. With beautiful architecture, interesting history and great food, it will become more and more popular with future travelers. So, why not plan a tour of Belgium's Tournai ?

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