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Romantic with winter in Bruges

Romantic with winter in Bruges

Bruges Belgium is very romantic, the city is like a medieval fairy tale with a beautiful small town and charming cobblestone streets! Visit Bruges Belgium in the winter and make a list of the most romantic things you can do in this city

Ride a horse-drawn carriage in Bruges Belgium

Markt Square in Bruges is the symbol of this city with medieval roofs, beautiful town hall, towering bell tower and markets. There are also horse-drawn carriages! If you're lucky you can see even the cutest pug dogs in the world wearing Santa costumes! To participate in this unique experience especially during the Christmas season you will spend about 39 € for a ride lasting 30 minutes. This is a fun way to see the city and take stunning pictures of the romantic atmosphere in the Belgian city of Bruges .

See the swan at the lake of love

Minnewater Lake or Love Lake and Trinwater Park are great places to see in Bruges Belgium . This is a lake that is really a large point along the canals through the city, and it is an ideal place for people to see and enjoy the outdoors of the city. If you want to linger, enjoy a cup of coffee or lunch at one of the outdoor cafes here
Bruges is a romantic novel that practically wrote on! Trinewater has a romance story that has been handed down, the legend tells of the beautiful Minna, who fell in love with a warrior of a neighboring tribe. But her father disagreed and arranged for another marriage. Minna fled into the woods with her talking animal friends. Then Minna's lover found her and she tried to wait until she was in his arms to say the last word ... like a Disney movie ... Trinwater Park is named after Minna and her unhappy love story. It is said that if you pass the Lover's Bridge and kiss the one you love, your love will be eternal. 

Visit the Christmas market in Quebeces

Bruges Market Square , is one of the best places to check in with brightly colored terraced roof houses and the business district is now a restaurant and shop. The pedestrian zone is your way to enjoy the beauty of this city.

Bruges, BelgiumChristmas Market in Bruges

One of the advantages of visiting Belgium's Bruges in the winter is the great Christmas Market! Nothing is more romantic than an authentic and ancient European Christmas market like you are experiencing in this city!
Especially at the Christmas market there are many interesting dishes such as giant Sauccissor or a Liege waffles with sour cherry and fresh cream ... Bruges Christmas Market is open until just after the new year.

Yachts on canals in Bruges

Old Bruges intersected by cute little canals, these canals are home to lots of swans.
The best way to explore the canals is by boat. When visiting Bruges in the winter, canal cruising is still one of the most popular and you will find small boats full of tourists even on the coldest days of the year, this is still an experience. Great in Bruges Belgium .
All of the Medieval and Renaissance buildings, statues and deep alleys take on a different look when you see them from underwater. Not to mention that it is a pity to see the picturesque bridges when you just stand on them but not watching from afar.
The 30-minute boat tours provide information about the history of Bruges, which is also the perfect way to get an overview of the city of Bruges !

Visit The Old Chocolate House

Coming to Belgium you will enjoy the best chocolate in the world. For this complete experience you should visit The Old Chocolate House who made premium chocolate in Bruges for 20 years. They offer a rich assortment of chocolate along with craft biscuits, gingerbreads, macaroons, and a selection of pralines. On the ground floor, you can check out their delicious products and buy as gifts.
At The Old Chocolate Shop on the second floor is a cozy tea room. They offer sweet treats like waffles, ice cream and other desserts to try and hot chocolate. Hot chocolate is featured here. You can choose from milk, dark chocolate, or white chocolate ...
The two main tourist destinations in Belgium , Brussels and Bruges, are only about an hour away by train, so it is possible to make a day trip to Bruges from the Belgian capital Brussels. However, it is recommended that you spend a night in Bruges Belgium to experience the city's nightlife!

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