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Learn about Noryangjin's largest seafood market in Seoul

Learn about Noryangjin's largest seafood market in Seoul

If you want to enjoy Korean specialties, Noryangjin Seoul Seafood Market will be an ideal destination. This busy and crowded market is chosen by many visitors to explore and enjoy the delicious delicacies. 

1. About Noryangjin Seoul seafood market

Noryangjin Seoul is considered to be a paradise of seafood and is the largest oldest market today. This market was opened in 1927 and to this day it has become extremely busy. According to the latest statistics, one day this seafood market sells about 250-300 tons of seafood.
Noryangjin Seoul Seafood Market was built to provide seafood for people in Seoul. Because the number of people living in Seoul, South Korea is very large. 

Learn about Seoul Noryangjin's largest seafood market Photo: @architasiri
This market is about 4 am very busy bus going in and out buying and selling seafood. Seafood here is distributed in supermarkets and sub-market areas. Therefore, the operation of this seafood market is 24h a day. When you come here to visit Seoul at this seafood market location, you will feel like you are lost in a maze of seafood. The seafood at this market is very fresh. Because they are all caught in the ports located near the market.
The area of Seoul Noryangjin Market is 66000m2 and it is built with 8 floors. Therefore, there are hundreds of stores selling seafood here. The number of visitors to this market buys up to more than 30,000 people a day. That shows the bustle, crowded, bustling of this big market.

2. What is special about Noryangjin Seoul Market?

For first-time visitors to this tourist destination will be overwhelmed by the variety of seafood products here. In particular, with very large quantities, you will find any kind of seafood here? Because this place is a gathering place for all Korean seafood products. Therefore, all the strange and unique seafood dishes can be found here.
However, the most special thing of the Noryangjin Seoul seafood market is the most expensive seafood auction held at 1am. Every day at this time, the seafood market is busy with auction. It is considered a typical cultural feature of this market.
When you come here, you will be choosing the freshest seafood raised in oxygen-pumping tanks. Once selected, the seller will weigh and charge the buyer. Therefore, even if you do not know Korean, you can easily buy seafood at this traditional Korean market .
Although the items at the market are very simple, but in terms of freshness and attractiveness, you can feel secure and trust. Because the seafood at this market always ensures freshness and affordable prices.
There is a feature at the Noryangjin Seoul seafood market that although the price offered is quite cheap compared to the markets or supermarkets in the capital of Seoul, buyers can completely pay the price. Therefore, trading activities here are always bustling people bargaining and bargaining.
Any type of seafood can be found at this seafood market. Therefore, you can easily find seafood like shrimp and crab fish to the more premium seafood like emperor crab, oysters or sea urchins. 
After buying, you can directly ask the seller to prepare yourself before bringing it home. Especially when going inside the restaurants located in the area of ​​Noryangjin Seoul Market, you can hire them to cook seafood dishes that you have just bought. Certainly, these will be fresh, nutritious dishes that you will remember forever in your trip to Korea this time.
In addition, Noryangjin is also a famous seafood market because of many of Korea's most horrible dishes such as octopus ... Therefore, if you are brave, do not forget to enjoy the unique dishes in this kimchi country. 
Another point that attracts tourists and people to this market is that in addition to fresh seafood, Seoul Noryangjin Seafood Market also offers pre-prepared, cut-cut seafood to be served. 
Many people who visit here often enjoy sashimi with slices of raw fish with cucumber vegetables inside. Because of the wonderful experiences that this place will help you better understand the beauty of culinary culture of Korean people.

3. Some experience when buying Noryangjin Seoul seafood you should know

When choosing this seafood market to visit and buy things, you should note that this market has 2 areas including the old market and the new market. Visitors should visit the new market for more. The shops here may sell the same item, but the price will vary slightly. Therefore, when shopping for goods at the Noryangjin Seoul seafood market , you should go through a price survey before making a purchase. This will help you buy fresh, but cheaper seafood.
The rule of bidding at this market is to buy and sell at a bid so that both parties are happy. Therefore, when the price you offer makes the seller unhappy, which means you cannot buy and will not be happy anymore, you should pay a price lower than the price offered by the seller. Do not pay too low because this is a seafood market with the original price, so the price offered is always close to the selling price.
In addition, if you want to process seafood into dishes at Noryangjin Seafood Market in Korea , you can also pay the price. You should clearly state your requirements to buy seafood or carry it at the food market to help the seller prepare you in the most reasonable way.
Hopefully, with the above sharing, you will have more useful information for your trip to explore Korea, especially when visiting Noryangjin Seafood Market in Seoul . Wish you have a good and smooth trip.

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