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Lake Annecy, France - a poetic and charming paradise

Lake Annecy, France - a poetic and charming paradise

One of the places that you absolutely must not miss when coming to France is the arrival and experience at Lake Annecy, France. This is known as a paradise with poetic beauty but also extremely attractive.
Every year, this place attracts millions of visitors to visit. One of the tourist attractions to this place is by the famous places and one of them is the name of Lake Annecy, France

About Annecy Lake France

Annecy is 300 km southeast of Paris. Annecy is located in the Rhône-Alpes valley and was formed about 18,000 years ago. In Annecy, there are lakes all year round, one of them is Lake Annecy, France - along with the town's name. Lake Annecy, France, is formed by melting glaciers in the mountains. Not only that, the other small rivers on the mountain also flow here to create a romantic and charming Annecy. 
Lake Annecy, France is the largest lake in this country with a depth of 40m, the atmosphere here is very fresh, different from bustling and noisy Paris. Coming to this place, you will enjoy the fresh and fresh air, the natural scenes appear as paintings of the 19th century.  
Classic architecture one corner Annecy

Features of Lake Annecy France

Lake Annecy, France is immense, jade water, with clouds in the sky under the water. This extremely beautiful setting is definitely a must try once you arrive in France. 
Coming to this place, you not only admire the beauty of nature, but also enjoy the fresh air because Annecy is one of the towns in France that is very concerned about the environment. You can freely swim or visit as well as play water sports without worry. 
Surrounding Lake Annecy, France, there are many villages and big cities, one of which cannot fail to mention Annecy. This is a city with buildings with ancient style and close together. Coming to this city you will admire the picturesque scenery.
Along the streets of the city you will see many shops selling countless different items, ancient castles with beautiful architectural faults. If you walk along the canal in the city you will see the ancient castle of Annecy - this is the castle that was once the Earl of Geneva's building.
Coming to Annecy, you will enjoy a new French beauty with peaceful and peaceful scenes. With red brick roads, flower pots are planted all over the street. The small bridges that span the canal make for a great view. The people here are also very friendly and gracious will make you feel like you want to stay to explore and learn more. 
Go to Annecy Lake, France, you can completely rent boats so you can immerse yourself in the nature here. Sitting on a boat to feel the peace here is nothing! And do not forget to save these great moments to have a chance to enjoy them again later. Especially if you come here in the winter, the mountains, the house or the roads, the trees are covered with a pure white of snow. It is an extremely beautiful barrier, even though it is snow but everything is not frozen so you can feel assured to come here in the winter to experience.
Not only can you experience by boat on the lake, you can also experience by renting bicycles with relatives and friends can go on the roads along Lake Annecy in France to be able to get the experience. 

Should go to Lake Annecy France and what time?

When you come here, you should choose during the mid-year months, the months from March to October to get yourself the most interesting experience and this is also a cool time with cool air.  Also during this time is suitable for you to travel as well as experience underwater activities, especially experience at Lake Annecy France . Not only the lake but all the natural surroundings with lush green trees create a romantic and wonderful atmosphere for your trip.

One of the scenery you definitely should not miss is the Annecy scene in autumn, the rows of maple trees with green leaves turn bright red to create an extremely romantic scene. Also do not forget to experience the moment when the sunset falls - this will definitely make you cry!

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