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Qinghai China Lake - beautiful dreaming waters

Qinghai China Lake - beautiful dreaming waters

Lake Qinghai China is not only the largest natural lake in the country but also the second largest saltwater lake in the world. This beautiful lake is located in Qinghai Province, bordering Tibet Autonomous Region, China.

How to move to Lake Qinghai China

Lake Qinghai China has an altitude of 4,000m above sea level located on the Qing - Tibet Plateau in Qinghai Province, China. From Vietnam, if you want to come to Thanh Hai, you can choose Vietnam - Thanh Hai tour or choose to go on your own. If you choose the second way, you will have to travel by many new means to reach Thanh Hai. Specifically, you will go by plane to one of the provinces such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing ... or take a long train from Hanoi to Nanning, then move by high speed train or machine fly to Lanzhou (also known as Lanzhou - capital of Gansu province) and continue to Xining (also known as Xining - capital of Qinghai province).


The continent's largest saltwater lake

Hồ Thanh Hải is also known as Koko Nor Lake in the Mongolian language. Not only is China's largest lake, Qinghai Lake is also the second largest saltwater lake in the world. The lake is adjacent to the Tibet Autonomous Region with an area of ​​more than 4,400 km2, the average water level in the lake is about 21 m, the maximum can reach 32.8 m, while the water capacity reaches 1,050 km³. Lake Qinghai China has been dubbed the "intersection of earth and sky" because of its altitude and "huge" area that at times there are times when it is difficult to distinguish between the sky and the lake.

Ho Thanh Hai viewed from above.

The four sides of Lake Thanh Hai China are surrounded by famous high mountains such as Dai Thong Son, Nhat Nguyet Son, Tuong Bi Son and Thanh Hai Nam Son. It is thought that it takes more than 20 days to go around Thanh Hai lake. 

Beauty fairy scene according to each season of the year

China's Qinghai Lake is shaped like a giant ellipse on high altitude with an average water depth of 19m and the deepest point of 28.71m. Because of its location on a high ground and with such a great depth, the weather of Thanh Hai Lake is extremely cool. For tourists who want to escape the harsh summer sunshine of the tropical land, Ho Thanh Hai is the location could not be more suitable. Even in the middle of the hottest season here is summer, the average daytime temperature is only about 15 ° C, which is an ideal tourist land.
In July, Thanh Hai Lake was again put on a radiant yellow shirt because the fields around the lake are covered with lovely rapeseed flowers. Also at this time you will admire the rare flock of birds, Tibetan sheep and yak. Tourists to travel to Qinghai Lake in China are not only fascinated by the natural scenery of the plateau under the blue sky, but also have the opportunity to experience various traditional festivals of the unique culture of the people.
When winter comes with cold air, the blue lake becomes quieter and quieter, but many tourists 'fall in love' with the secluded beauty of the lake at this time. The mountains are yellow in color as if they were changed into new clothes with white snowflakes. Under the gentle sunlight, the snow on the lake shines brightly, highlighting yet another unforgettable charm of the Qinghai Lake in the hearts of visitors.

Tourist paradise of the Tibetans

Coming to Thanh Hai Lake, in addition to enjoying the beauty of paradise here, you can choose to walk on the green grass or simply ride on a yak to climb the sand hill or visit the historic sites. Especially do not miss the opportunity to visit the houses of the locals and enjoy the unique taste of Tibetan life. Indigenous people with a warm, hospitable heart will welcome you with the most charming and cheerful smiles.
In addition, in the west of Qinghai Lake China also has a cathedral and a few ascetic monasteries called "Mahadeva, Heart of the Lake" . It used to be a Buddhist monastery. The pilgrims who come here are mostly Mongolian and they only come in the winter when the lake is frozen. Although it is still possible to use a boat to move on the lake in the summer, the monks in the monasteries and people here always wait until the winter comes and use the most natural way to return to the mainland or to the center of the cathedral.
Ho Thanh Hai is also known as a famous bird sanctuary of China. The Qinghai Lake Nature Reserve has been in existence since 1997. Today, China's Qinghai Lake is divided into areas including small islands that are home to many beautiful and rare birds. Especially these places are uninhabited to avoid affecting the activities of birds.
Lake Qinghai China is a land of tourism with the vast lake landscape, bringing mysterious beauty and poetic beauty. This is truly a precious gift that nature has bestowed on people. Quickly find a suitable schedule to visit Thanh Hai Lake right away. Paradise in this world is waiting for an interesting trip

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