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Have fun at De Haan beach in Belgium's Flanders region

Have fun at De Haan beach in Belgium's Flanders region

What is the beach in De Haan? Although not as famous as other beaches in Europe, it has a very unique beauty that you need to explore!

Beach in De Haan - the hidden gem of Belgium

The northern coast of Belgium hides a beautiful beach town, De Haan. Do you like cool water and gentle sunshine? De Haan is an ideal destination because this is a real paradise for softer, slightly tranquil vacations like this one. The swimming season in this town is relatively short compared to other resorts. It started on June 15 and lasted only two months. Tourists can easily enjoy the beauty of nature and sunbathe at the comfort beaches in the area. The beach in De Haan is very attractive and worth visiting it at least once. The sea has always inspired many artists to create true masterpieces regardless of the season of the year.
The resort's history dates back to the 30s of the 20th century. This is when a small seaside village began to grow and turn into a town. Every year, De Haan's popularity is increasing, and many tourists come to the town to enjoy a quiet and peaceful holiday on the North Coast. In modern times, there is a tendency to make cities look more modern and up to date. But the town government did not follow this trend and tried to keep the original De Haan appearance for many years and this made the resort look more authentic and more attractive to tourists.

Have fun at the beach in De Haan in the Belgian Flanders regionBeach resort in De Haan

The beach in De Haan accounting for nearly a fifth of the total area of the resort. When walking along the beach, it's easy to see that many tourists like fishing. Because this area is quiet suitable for fishing activities. If you are planning to visit De Haan with children? This town is a great place never too crowded. Together with the comfortable infrastructure, this makes the resort a perfect fit for people on vacation with children. The soft sand at the beaches in De Haan is great for barefoot, and kids will definitely want to play in the sand and create works from this material. The coastal area is also very comfortable to swim in because there are no high waves here, so tourists don't need to worry about being safe with children.
The beaches in De Haan are comfortable to spend days here. It is worth mentioning that the beach in De Haan Beach ranks first among other Belgian resorts in terms of beach surface quality. You will not find a better beach anywhere else across the country, even in a big city in Belgium. Moreover, there are many restaurants and clubs along the coast. Tourists are welcomed with leisure activities in any place during the day and evening.

What to have fun at De Haan beach?

De Haan does not have too many landmarks, people visit this resort to sunbathe on the North Coast and enjoy the beauty of the area. If you want to learn more about this charming town's past, head to the dock area that will remain original without any major changes until the modern times. There is a medieval factory not far from the pier and the surprising thing is that the factory is still in operation and still produces flour.
Do you like to play golf? A famous local venue is the Royal Golf Club - always open to new guests. In this club, visitors can always enjoy their favorite game, the club regularly organizes golf competitions. If you are an experienced golfer, you can test your skills and take part in these tournaments.
If you are an art connoisseur, you can always visit the local art gallery. This site was founded by Marco Titucci. Although not large scale, it is very interesting to visit. It exhibits many works by talented modern artists and tourists can buy the works they like.
If you're with children, visit a local park, De Sierk, during your stay in this tranquil beach paradise. The park is not big, but it offers a wide range of fun for children. There are many comfortable playground areas for children of different ages such as roller coasters and fun rides ...
If you visit the beach in De Haan , you will definitely want to visit a nearby small village called Klemskerke. This settlement dates back to 1003, the inhabitants of this village are mainly fishermen. Here you can still see houses built of polders on the lowlands. In Klemskerke, tourists can see these original buildings, in which the locals lived centuries ago.
De Haan is located twelve kilometers from Ostend. Streetcars are a very comfortable way to travel between these two cities and other settlements in coastal areas. That's why, if you want to get to De Haan quickly from Ostend, just find the tram in the right direction. Church of Saints Peter and Paul was built in 1905 as Oostende's most important religious concern, the height of the towers is estimated to be 72 meters.
The beach in De Haan is still a bit pristine, the Belle Époque architecture is really charming with great stretches of natural sand dunes and it's one of the Belgian tourist destinations you should visit.

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