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Go to Seokchon Lake to see cherry blossoms

Go to Seokchon Lake to see cherry blossoms

Seokchon Lake Seoul is considered the ideal destination for you to fully explore all the beauty of Korea's spring. This place has extremely romantic and attractive natural scenery. In particular, the image of the blooming cherry trees has created a beautiful beauty for this place. 
Traveling to South Korea this spring, you shouldn't miss the chance to visit this sweet Seokchon lake. This will definitely be an ideal tourist destination for your spring trip. 

1. About Seokchon Lake Seoul

Seokchon Lake Seoul is one of the large-scale artificial lakes in Korea. The lake is divided into two areas: East Lake and West Lake in Seokchon Park with the address in Songpa District, Seoul. The area of ​​this lake is quite large with a total length of up to 147,400 km2. In addition, this lake also has Magic Island. This is an artificial island designed as a connection point with a one-way train that runs along the path to Lotte Adventure. The area on the East Lake is very attractive with its natural landscape. The landscape is picturesque. In particular, the jogging paths leading to this place will be great walking places for you. Around the lake are small parks so visitors can have fun and entertainment.  

Marvel at cherry blossoms at Seoul Seokchon Lake in KoreaPhoto: @song
This artificial lake is located in the east of Seoul. This place is very close to the famous amusement park Lotte World . Therefore, when visiting Seokchon Lake in Korea , you can enlist to plan to explore more places. This place will be an ideal destination for travelers to visit Korea. If you want to come here the fastest way, you can use google maps to make it easier to travel and move.

2. The beauty of Seokchon Lake Seoul

There are many compelling reasons why you should visit Seokchon Lake in Korea once said. However, the most impressive and convincing thing is the brilliant beauty that the space here will bring you as immersed, infatuated. 
Around the lake are rows of cherry trees racing to show off. All have contributed to creating an extremely romantic and attractive natural picture. Especially, when you come to Seokchon Lake in Seoul , you will feel the cool and pleasant here. Far from the hustle, bustle and bustle of other Seoul destinations , Seokchon is incredibly gentle, elegant and romantic. The feeling of the soul will relax and relax a lot when coming here for sightseeing.
In addition, due to the very large lake area, Seokchon has been invested and planned to build a lot of special projects to serve tourists and people visiting and resting. Therefore, visiting Seokchon Lake Korea, you will find anywhere in the lake is full of life and joy.
If you visit Seokchon on the occasion of the cherry blossom festival, you will not be surprised at the beauty that this place has. Spring is everywhere in the lake. You can freely take photos, check in to save the good memories of your trip to Seoul .
The harmony of the natural scenery makes Seokchon Lake even more attractive. The number of tourists come to Seokchon to see the most is on the occasion of the cherry blossom festival held.
Along the path of walking around the lake, everywhere is full of cherry blossoms that look extremely romantic and happy. This is probably also the desire of many people when they want to be holding hands with one another on the road full of cherry blossoms. 
The next spring is at Seokchon Lake in Seoul, wearing a new coat of pink, extremely shimmering and beautiful. Anyone who looks will feel infatuated. In addition, there are many interesting activities for visitors to participate. Painting contests here will be a great experience that you can participate. You can take a portrait or landscape painting depending on your strengths and emotions. This is also the activity that receives a lot of attention from visitors.
Although spring is the best season of the year for you to visit Seokchon Lake in Korea. But if you can not arrange a time, you absolutely can visit this place on the occasion of guests. Because the other seasons in this year are also very beautiful and each one has its own beauty. 
People still choose the time of April to go to Seokchon Lake to visit. By this time, Seokchon lake possesses the most charming beauty. The next destination you can visit is the outdoor theater area. With over 1500 performances, you will enjoy a lot of interesting and unique performances during the cherry blossom festival taking place at Seokchon Lake. 
Marvel at cherry blossoms at Seoul Seokchon Lake in KoreaPhoto: @ mmm.in
Hope the above share will help you better understand Seokchon Lake Seoul . This will definitely be a destination that gives you a lot of great experiences that you should not miss.

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