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Explore the Arc de Triomphe to learn about French history

Explore the Arc de Triomphe to learn about French history

When visiting Paris there will be many interesting things waiting for you. However, if you come to Paris without visiting the Arc de Triomphe, it is a huge omission
For a long time , European tourism was always the choice and destination for many tourists in the world. There are many things that make us want to travel in this place such as cool weather all year round, luxurious and modern cities ... but there are also many who want to come to Europe to learn about the long history of mankind. If you are looking for a similar destination, the Arc de Triomphe is the perfect choice. Traveling to France without visiting this place is really a huge omission. So what is so attractive about this place.

Long history

For many people when referring to French tourism, we will think of the magnificent Paris, the ancient Eiffel Tower ... but there is still a place that makes the name of France, the pride of the French people. This is a huge architecture located in the heart of Paris, in the middle of the crowded Étoile square. The Arc de Triomphe is considered a historical witness of France, it witnessed the flourishing periods of a powerful empire, but also witnessed the devastation of world wars on this country. .

 The Arc de Triomphe was built under Napoleon in 1806 in honor of the First French Empire's army. To complete this massive project, the French took 30 years with a lot of money and energy poured into. Later, during the reign of the Second Empire, seven new roads were born and they all met in the square of Étoile, from which the Arc de Triomphe became the symbol of Paris. Over thousands of years of existence and development to this day, the Arc de Triomphe is still one of the most attractive destinations in the world? Why so?

Arc de Triomphe 2
This is one of the most famous architectural works in the world in the 19th century

Unique architecture unique to the Arc de Triomphe

When looking at the Arc de Triomphe, visitors will be overwhelmed by the greatness of this project. Arc de Triomphe has a vertical dimension near the square with a width of 45 meters and a height of 50 meters. This is the synthesis of many of the greatest sculptures of the 19th century. All the works are decorated with sculptures, reliefs or monuments of famous figures of France in that period. The four legs of the Arc de Triomphe are the four main certainty groups such as Exodus 1792 and Triumph 1810 on the Champs-Elysées, the Resistance in 1814 and Peace in 1815 on the Grande-Armée. Inside the pillars were reliefs depicted by famous artists of the time describing the great battles of the Revolution and Empire.

The arch is designed to express gratitude and memorial to all those who fought and gave birth to France. The large sculptures representing the generals were built with the desire to bring freedom, show deep national love and desire to build a stronger France. There is a special thing that many people mention when talking about the lower part of the arch, it is the place containing a tomb of an unknown soldier during the two World Wars from November 11, 1920 with the words' This place is still. resting a French soldier dead for the country '. This is a reminder for those who visit here about a period of majestic France, about the sacrifices of soldiers for the peace and peace of the people of Paris. 


Things to note when visiting the Arc de Triomphe

The bottom of the Arc de Triomphe is designed with an area for pedestrians to visit, so even if it is located between a busy and busy intersection, you will have a safe space to see the historic architecture. If you want to visit more, you can buy tickets, from here you will climb 284 steps or use the elevator to reach the top of the arch. When you reach the top of the Arc de Triomphe, you will visit the museum where exhibits of famous artworks, or visit the souvenir shops to choose for yourself as gifts as a memorable memory when you visit.  Standing on high, you can see a modern, luxurious Paris with lights from high-rise buildings or busy streets, but also very peaceful, gentle as the people here.

Every year with important events, Arc de Triomphe is always chosen as the ideal place to perform. On big holidays such as Noel, New Year ... Parisians all flock here to watch fireworks, enjoy the cozy cool atmosphere with relatives and family. Not only is an ideal tourist destination, Khai Hoan Mon is also a witness of history, a pride of the French people, a belief and hope for a peaceful, civilized France. 

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