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Ecstatic flavor of sweet French Crepe

Ecstatic flavor of sweet French Crepe

French cuisine always surprises us from street food to premium dishes and if you have the opportunity to come here, do not forget to enjoy Crepe.
Cuisine is always something that attracts and appeals to us, it is not only a food but also a culture, a characteristic and a long story behind it. When traveling to France , you will have countless discoveries and culinary discoveries which is the most interesting and fascinating journey. Among countless dishes from modern, luxurious to popular street, the French Crepe is an exclusive dish that only when coming to France - the home of this cake, you can enjoy one. Prepare cakes and listen to the story of this traditional cake.

The story of the Crepe

France is considered the first homeland of Crepe cakes . Hundreds of years ago, most of the European countries lived mainly on wheat cultivation. The vast wheat fields are similar to those in Asian countries. This makes most of the Western cakes, especially the Crepe , are made from wheat flour. With the popularity of rich nutrients, cheap price .... wheat is the main dish of every European meal. 
The first batch of Crepe was made entirely from rye flour so the bread was dark and not very eye-catching, rye Crepe at this time only appeared in poor farmers' families because they had low price. Later, when the life of the French people became more complete and improved, white flour appeared and completely replaced rye flour to create slices of Crepe that were more delicious, whiter and more beautiful. Since then Crepe has gradually become popular not only among the upper nobility but also ordinary families also use this cake as a dessert. The deliciousness and appeal of the Crepe cakes gradually spread and developed throughout Europe.

crepe 2The cakes are the story of the life of the French people in difficult times

Artwork inside a French Crepe

Today with the integration and development, the Crepe cake also has many changes compared to the beginning. They have been modified with many filling ingredients but the crust has always kept the tradition with simple and popular ingredients such as eggs, milk, butter, flour, sugar, salt ... To make a delicious Crepe, not everyone can do it.

If a Crepe is an art, the chef who makes the cakes is a talented artist. The requirement of a delicious and first-class Crepe is that the crust has a soft texture that can be bent without tearing as its name suggests. Cake surface must still be soft, smooth and especially remove the cake must be very thin. To do this in addition to perfect dough quality, the cook's hands are frying and nearly dough is the most decisive factor. 
Besides the crust, what makes Crepe attractive is the filling. Today's cake is divided into two main types of bread, which is salty and sweet. Salty core consists mainly of main ingredients including eggs, ham, cheese .... Sweet ingredients include ingredients such as almonds, ripe bananas, strawberries, whipped cream ... sprinkled with honey sauce and chocolate. The mixture of savory or sweet fillings will feel the unique unforgettable taste, the soft aroma of the crust, the sweetness and the richness of the filling. It is not wrong to compare a crepe like a work of art with all the colors of many kinds of ingredients combined harmoniously to create a flavor that makes it unforgettable for anyone to taste. . 

The best way to enjoy Crepe

When traveling to France, we can find Crepe cakes that are everywhere, whether they are street food carts or a small street restaurant, that can be restaurants, customers. The most modern 5-star hotel ... but you will still feel the fragrance of each unique piece of Crepe cake  from France. People often eat Crepe cake with a cup of tea or coffee for sweet cakes, sometimes with a sip of French wine to be able to feel all the delicious taste of the cake. When eating sweet crepe cake , people often eat with honey water, liquid chocolate or an ice cream to increase the aroma of the cake.

When traveling to France, you are not only overwhelmed with modern and classic architecture, but also a country with the richest and oldest cuisine in the world. If you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful country of France, do not forget to add the name of the French Crepe cake as one of the dishes that should be tried first.

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