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Explore the famous Seoul Itaewon neighborhood in 'Itaewon Classroom'

Explore the famous Seoul Itaewon neighborhood in 'Itaewon Classroom'

The movie "Itaewon Class - The Itaewon Class" aired, turning Itaewon Seoul into a popular tourist phenomenon during this time in the land of kimchi. 
After the widespread coverage of "Crash landing on you", "Itaewon Class" - Itaewon class is the name that is raining made the wind on the big screen, attracting the attention of a large number of Asian audiences. 
Just appeared, but this movie has always reached the top of the film with high ratings thanks to the fact that it is both interesting and thrilling with the A-list cast, especially the handsome actor Park Seo Jun. In addition, the place mentioned in the movie - Itaewon Seoul neighborhood is also constantly buzzing with people, because of the bustle and excitement.
And recently when it became a social network phenomenon, Itaewon Seoul has welcomed unexpectedly crowded visitors by exploiting the features of this neighborhood, the film producer has cleverly promoted the image of Itaewon with the 'substance' to the public and its fans.
Recently, Dong Nhi singer Lynk Lee also visited the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul in the super famous Itaewon Class in recent days and uploaded a check-in picture on social networks that made people more and more interested. restlessness.

Itaewon Seoul neighborhood is lavish and busy

Itaewon is a neighborhood in the heart of Yongsan District, Seoul, South Korea, which was just designated as an entertainment district in 1997. This is known as the busy West Quarter of Seoul and is home to many foreigners. Itaewon Seoul neighborhood is also considered a entertainment paradise, food of Korean tourists . 
And right now, it becomes even more attractive when it is chosen as the setting for the Itaewon Class movie . Young Korean people sobbed to this street to check-in the scenes in the movie. It can be said that thanks to the movie, the heat of Itaewon exploded, try typing the hashtag #itaewon on Instagram and you will see all the pictures of the scene in Itaewon Class.
If you've ever visited or learned about Korea, you probably know during the Korean War that this is where American soldiers gathered in Seoul and also in Korea communicate in English.

Food heaven "Itaewon Class"

In the movie, perhaps you come across images of pubs, restaurants, and restaurants always busy with visitors. Just like in the movie, the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul is close to restaurants and bars that serve overnight. Because what makes the special 'taste' for Itaewon is also thanks to the drinking culture - Korea's street food platform. Eye-catching advertising signs and neon lights stretch the whole street.

neighborhood-itaewon-seoulMovie poster hit at Itaewon

Itaewon from movie to real life is a neighborhood with lights on and on. It gathered hundreds of large and small pubs, adjacent to each other and fierce competition. When the rest of the capital Seoul fell asleep, Itaewon still woke up thanks to the compliments, the drunken meals of hundreds of tourists.
The Danbam pub in the movie has also become the ideal check-in location for tourists visiting the Itaewon neighborhood of Seoul . The fans sobbed to backstage to have a full view of this famous pub.
Food in Itaewon is also diverse in countries: Thailand, Italy, Egypt, Japan, France, Russia, Mexico, ... with traditional typical dishes. Tourists can freely choose food from all regions, or simply enjoy the taste of their homeland, when they are not familiar with the spicy taste of Korean food .
Visiting Itaewon one can sample countless dishes originating from all over the world. Foodies and tourists to Seoul difficult to ignore the neighborhood on their "phượt" night.
Besides, the items of clothing and souvenirs of countries are also sold here to help you do not need to go far away to still be able to buy "specialties" of the US, Italy or Egypt, Mexico ... At night, Itaewon is more bustling than ever with a series of bars and clubs to help you meet, socialize and make friends with people from different countries.
Because of the multi-ethnicity, Itaewon neighborhood is a place of diverse cultures, which is also a symbol of freedom, generosity and enthusiasm for youth. But the character Soo Ah in the film said that without Halloween, Itaewon is as bustling and crowded as that.
You understand somewhat why the Itaewon Seoul neighborhood is always at the top of the ideal places when you travel to the land of kimchi and hosts a series of unique entertainment festivals. 
Every year, Itaewon neighborhood receives an average of nearly 2 million visitors. The number of restaurants increased exponentially, including high-class restaurants for high-income people and smaller shops for middle-income people. No matter who you are, what color your skin, any gender, even the LBGT is welcome at Itaewon, where we can chill our best in the late night dining.
Have you seen Itaewon Class? What do you think about the Seoul Itaewon neighborhood? If once traveling Korea , do not forget to check-in Itaewon and check-in super sparkling and the filming scene here!

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