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Discover the ancient beauty of Korean Donghwasa temple

Discover the ancient beauty of Korean Donghwasa temple

Referring to the land of Kimchi, people often remember many ideal destinations right away. In particular, Korean Donghwasa Temple is one of the famous spiritual tourist destinations known by many people. 

1. About the Korean Donghwasa Temple

Donghwasa is a temple located in the south of the Palgongsan mountain range and from Daegu here not too far only about 22km. Therefore, visitors can conveniently visit this temple without having to travel too far.
Donghwasa Korea Temple was built in 493. This temple was built by the monk Geukdal-Jonja. It was originally named Yugasa and was later renamed Donghwasa under King Heungdeok under the current King Heungdeok. The temple gained its present beauty by rebuilding it in 1732.

2. Discover the Donghwasa Temple 

When you come to this Korean temple to explore, you will admire the 33m high Buddha statue with many lions, lotuses and stone towers used to decorate around. This statue is considered to be world-class antiques.
Next you will be arriving at the most attractive place of Korean Donghwasa Temple which is Seolbeopjeon Hall area. On the left will be the main building of Daeungjeon Hall . Next, there will be a small path leading to the Geumgang stairs area.

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Continue to turn left you will go to Bongseoru Pavilion with two sides of the stairs up and down are images of dragons flying along with a marble designed in the middle of the stairs. All create the ancient beauty of this temple.
Tourists visiting Daegu City will often spend time to Donghwasa Temple to experience the beauty of Buddhist architecture. Because here contains a lot of beauty typical of Buddhism. Therefore, every year, thousands of visitors visit this Donghwasa temple.
Although located deep in the forest, the beauty of this temple has made so many people fascinated. Anyone who visits here will feel more relaxed, quiet and peaceful in the soul. Therefore, referring to the Korean tourist destination that many people choose to visit, it is impossible not to mention the famous ancient temple of Donghwasa. This is a temple with extremely unique architectural design. Donghwasa Temple is very harmonious in terms of all the natural scenery and the buildings and surrounding areas. This temple uses marble as the main material, so it magnifies the magnificent and majestic beauty of this place.
Especially, Korean Donghwasa Temple also has very delicate carvings with classical motifs. Especially when they are dressed in harmonious and natural coatings that make the beauty of this temple more and more exalted.
When going inside, you will admire the extremely valuable murals and Buddha statues of the temple. This is also what attracts visitors to this ancient temple.

3. Great experiences only available at Donghwasa temple 

This temple is surrounded by nature, flowers and trees. Therefore, when you arrive at Korean Donghwasa Temple , you will feel the lightness and serenity in the soul. Because the atmosphere here is very cool and fresh, when coming here to explore, visitors will feel very excited and interested. Feeling relaxed and comfortable. Therefore, if you are looking for a quiet space to rest, Donghwasa Temple will be an ideal choice for you.
In addition, Buddhists will always feel relieved because when you come to this thousand-year-old temple, you will always hear knocking, chanting and temple bells ringing. This will help you stay away from the chaotic life in urban areas and instead find peace and quiet.
Another attraction that many people often cannot ignore when visiting Donghwasa Temple is watching the queen's tree. Especially when the queen tree is flowering. It is often said that watching the queen tree bloom is an omen of luck because this queen tree is associated with the birth of Donghwasa Temple. It is considered a symbol of the longevity of this place. 
The next experience that you will experience when you come here is to enjoy the peaceful life here. When working with other Buddhists on their own, make vegetarian dishes using the same traditional ingredients available at the temple. The feeling will be wonderful and peaceful. Especially when visiting this temple with friends, you will be with them to light a fire, cook food and enjoy yourself the results you make. Certainly this will be an interesting experience during the trip to visit Donghwasa Temple in Korea .
There are green roads here because it is covered with trees and mountains. Especially when you come to this sacred temple, you can also hear the birds chirping, the sound of water running and live in a peaceful and peaceful atmosphere. These are the wonderful things that this Buddha's door has brought to visitors. Therefore, if you want to find a quiet place to calm down, please visit this famous temple. This is considered an ancient temple preserving a lot of cultural beauty typical of Korean Buddhism.
Hopefully the above helpful sharing will help you have the most panoramic view of Donghwasa temple in Korea . Wish you have a good trip in kimchi land, happy and smooth.

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