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Travel experience Dinant - The peaceful town of Belgium

Travel experience Dinant - The peaceful town of Belgium

Save your Dinant - Belgium travel experience extremely detailed and rewarding, to schedule a memory-filled trip to your hometown of saxophone!
You will be surprised to see the peaceful scenery of Dinant town in this article. Save your Dinant - Belgium travel experience with great details and schedule to schedule a trip full of memories!
Dinant is a small, beautiful and peaceful town in Belgium, located on the Meuse River, about 80km from the center of Bussels capital, with 13,000 inhabitants, less than 100 km2 in area. Walking through the pictures of Instargamer @Thuydao__ you will surely love this romantic scene and wish to once come here. Therefore, save Dinant travel experience and get ready for an upcoming plan.

Complete travel experience Dinant - Belgium

The appropriate time to travel Dinant

The best time to visit Dinant town is around April - June or September and October. Meanwhile, around July - August is the peak tourist season of Belgium, however, the weather of Belgium is generally mild all year round. So you can visit Dinant any time of the year and dedicate yourself to a great vacation.

Vehicles traveling Dinant

When traveling to Dinant, you can choose the most convenient and economical means of transportation you can choose by train or bus. If not, you can completely drive a car to be free and more proactive journey. 
You can take the bus moving within the city with relatively cheap cost and safety. Sightseeing in town you can choose a taxi or bicycle is also relatively ideal to chill in the peaceful scenery of the town. In addition, it is suggested that you choose to take a boat ride along the canal to feel the slow pace of life and be integrated with the people here.

experience-du-lich-dinantAncient town, taciturn

Network and Internet at Dinant

There are telephone networks Telenet, Orange Belgium, Proximuss you can buy sims at travel information counters or buy European sims in Vietnam with prices from 300k.

Payment method, currency in Dinant, Belgium

You can use your credit card for convenient payment, avoiding having to carry too much cash with you. An ATM credit card is also quite necessary when you need to withdraw cash at a fairly appropriate exchange rate. Or bring with you a Visa card to replace cash and this type of card is also used internationally to pay globally.
Belgium uses the Euro currency, so before traveling to Belgium you should change banknotes, Euro coins to use can be exchanged at the airport with the average exchange rate from 25,000 - 27,000 VND / 1 Euro.

What to visit in Dinant?

To Dinant town, you must definitely visit the landmarks such as St Lambert's Church, Crevecour Relic, Capuchin Monastery, De'Ville Hotel, Collegiate Church of Notre Dame, The Citadel, Bayard , Spontin's castle is like a fairy.
These destinations are unique, but they are covered in ancient colors, sediments and have a history of both magnificence and tragic, making this town more attractive.
You can take a boat tour along the town to see the famous, ancient attractions in this town. Sitting on the boat, leisurely on the peaceful Meuse stream, enjoy the charming beauty of this place. They are swans of white swans, leisurely swimming, medieval architecture houses, silver hills and sunshine.
After a long journey of discovery, you can sit back in a familiar corner, sip a bold Belgian beer from John Martine or try some aromatic cookies, not even the taste of peaceful Dinant.
Like a fist holding miracles, the town of Dinant in the Meuse valley has been ravaged many times by war, then restored, then crushed, flattened, ... priceless gifts of nature, of scenery, of culture and enriched by memorable periods in its own history, also in the history of peaceful Belgium.

Dinant culture, Belgium

The most special thing in the town of Dinant that most guests are excited about is the lively story of the famous saxophone. You will hear about the journey to make this trumpet with the sobbing, soothing sound of a sound that is powerful but also extremely romantic. And the journey full of impressions through very long stories, through adventures throughout the cave and alley of the world.
As you probably know, most Belgians are Christian, so please avoid criticizing religious issues in Belgium in general and Dinant in particular and paying close attention to the Belgian culture and people.
For family acquaintances, Belgians will not be forced to take off their shoes when visiting a private house, and you can fully praise or praise the property of the landlord.
A few notes when visiting military bases, you should not take pictures and discuss privacy issues like the Belgian language.
Finally, a small note in the Belgian Dinant travel experience , that is, let yourself really be chill, really relax, to receive Dinant as a great gift!

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