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Changdeokgung Palace Seoul - a popular tourist destination in Korea should definitely visit

Changdeokgung Palace Seoul - a popular tourist destination in Korea should definitely visit

Famous for its beautiful and unique architecture, Seoul Changdeokgung Palace has become a popular tourist destination of kimchi country. It is recognized by Unesco as a World Cultural Heritage and one of the most attractive destinations today. 

1. Learn about Seoul Changdeokgung Palace

Changdeokgung is translated in Chinese as Changde. This palace is located in the eastern region of Gyeongbokgung Palace and it is one of Korea's largest palaces. 
The address of this palace is 99 Yulgok-ro, Waryong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea, so moving to this address is also very convenient and easy. Changdeokgung Palace is located on the campus with a total area of ​​up to 580 thousand m2. The surrounding area of ​​the palace is large gardens with an area of ​​120 thousand m2. In particular, there are many secret gardens that contain attractive beauty. Therefore, this palace is considered as one of the famous Seoul destinations that are well known.

Changdeokgung Palace Seoul - a famous Korean tourist destination should definitely visitPhoto: @milench
It can be said that Korean architecture and art developed today thanks largely to this Changdeokgung Seoul palace . It illustrates the traditional principles of Confucian influence. Because through design and planning, the Changdeokgung building has created influence and influenced many fields from culture to politics.

2. Discover the mysterious beauty of Changdeokgung palace

Referring to Changdeokgung, people immediately remember its unique architecture. When you enter the main palace, you will see the gate of Donhua Gate, also known as Donhwamun. This gate is designed with bold architecture of ancient China with the dome design carved in a meticulous and detailed manner. Next will be a granite bridge with designs from the 15th century. This bridge is the place for the Kings to move to the main area. This bridge is very old and is one of the oldest bridges of  Seoul .
This palace is divided into 4 main places which are Injeongjeon (Main Hall), Seonjeongjeon (Main Hall), Huijeongdang (Hi Main Street) and Biwon (Secret). Each area in Seoul Changdeokgung Palace will be decorated and designed differently.
The Main Hall is the central place and was chosen to host the nation's ceremonies or ordinations. Here, visitors will be visiting and admiring the throne along with lavish interiors inside. This is also the place where the mandarins discuss the government.
Tuyen Chinh Dien is the place chosen for the princes to discuss the matter. In addition, this is also the venue for examinations or banquet banquets. 
The Grand Palace (Daejojeon) is the place used for the purpose of a common place for concubines and concubines.
Secret (Biwon) is a traditional garden with bold Korean culture.
The most special thing to mention when visiting Changdeokgung palace is the open architecture building style with very large and airy surrounding space. Because this palace is built based on the terrain of the surrounding hilly area. Therefore, when you come to this palace you will find it very close to nature. Everything is very harmonious and natural. Because of this, the Korean Changdeokgung Palace was dubbed the palace in the mountains, the mountain of the palace and it has become the most attractive Korean tourist destination today. 
In addition, those who have visited here will also understand the unique charm of Changdeokgung Palace also located in the harmonious cross between Eastern and Western culture. It is this combination of style that makes Changdeokgung Seoul Palace more and more attractive and accentuated.
The next thing that makes visitors feel attracted when coming here is the harmonious and creative combination between the garden design area and the buildings in the palace.
Although it was built a long time ago, until now, the beauty of Changdeokgung palace is still preserved intact. Therefore, for many years, the architectural design of this palace has always been the pride of the Korean people. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit this kimchi country, you should remember to visit this palace. Surely this will be the place that gives you a lot of interesting things to explore.
Changdeokgung is not only the largest palace in Korea but it is also a famous palace throughout Asia. Because this place has a unique architectural beauty that not every place has. 
Especially, Uyen Uyen garden is a large garden with beautiful gardens. The reason for this mysterious name because this campus is only accessible to large dignitaries. To this day it has been opened to welcome visitors. Every year, the number of tourists visit the Seoul Changdeokgung Palace . Because they enjoy watching this beauty park. The feeling of walking in a large garden is interesting and pleasant. 

3. Some notes when visiting Changdeokgung palace 

When choosing the Korean Changdeokgung Palace as a tourist destination, you need to pay a little attention to the issue of its opening time. Every weekday except Monday, you can come here to visit. 
Regarding opening hours, the shop will open from 9h-18h30 in the period from April to October.
November to March will close earlier from 9h-17h30.
Tickets to the Seoul Changdeokgung Palace will include a guided tour in both English and Chinese. Especially when visiting here, you will see signs for visitors to easily access and more convenient to follow.
On average, visiting here, visitors will take about 3 hours. Therefore, you should schedule and arrange a reasonable time for the trip to visit Changdeokgung Palace. Wish you have a fun and interesting trip.

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