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Admire the largest Louvre museum in France

Admire the largest Louvre museum in France

If you are a lover of exploring culture as well as world famous ancient and contemporary art, the Louvre Museum is a destination that you should not miss.
As a country with the oldest culture in Europe, France has long been a tourist destination for many travelers around the world. Each year millions of tourists visit the French tourist sites . In addition to learning about culture, cuisine, visiting the magnificent city or famous places, many tourists come to France with the desire to explore the Louvre Museum - the largest art museum. So what is this museum so attractive and attractive? Today we will lift the curtain to explore this museum secretly.

Overview of the Louvre

The Louvre Museum is located in the heart of the flashy Paris city, located next to the romantic and magical Seine River. The Louvre Museum was founded under King Philippe Auguste and was started construction in 1190. Under different kings, the Louvre Museum is used for many different purposes such as making royal palaces and is continuously upgraded. Over thousands of years of existence, the French Government always tries to preserve the museum's original architecture completely to create a top art attraction for visitors.
With an extremely large area of ​​up to 210 thousand square meters, the Louvre now displays 35,000 of the total 380,000. Currently, the Louvre is voted the largest art museum in the world. It once held the record for the world's largest number of visitors such as 9.26 million visitors in 2014. For art lovers and enthusiasts in the world, everyone wants a visit the Louvre museum . Why?  

Louvre museum 3Magnificent views inside the museum

Library of art antiques

One advice for first-time visitors to the Louvre is that if you do not want to get lost in this art maze, prepare a map for yourself, besides to visit the museum. This can take a whole day out of you so consider the time that best suits you. This place is like a library of priceless antiques that humans have taken thousands of years to preserve and preserve from the ravages of time. 
Referring to the works on display at the museum will probably never be enough. However, this place holds many famous works of mankind. There are names that are so familiar with the world such as Venus, Venus of Mona Lisa, Samothrace victory statue, Napoleon coronation painting, Méduse's raft ship ... .. These works The subject is displayed in the most solemn and observable locations in the museum for visitors to see firsthand. These exhibited works clearly reflect the daily life and fighting of many European feudal periods. Over thousands of years, the works are very well preserved by the Louvre museum , ensuring the status quo of the original works.
Not only stopping at displaying European artworks, the sculptures from ancient Egypt countries always create mystery and excitement for visitors to explore. Statues dating back thousands of years will help us, the people living in modern society, turn back the history, discover what the ancestors and human ancestors did to do good things. The most beautiful for us like today.

Things to note when visiting the Louvre

The first is that you have to balance the time to visit. With an extremely large area, it is impossible to visit the museum in a few hours. Therefore, to make the most perfect trip, you should buy yourself a museum map, determine the place you want to go to save time as well as avoid getting lost in the museum. To visit the museum you will have to spend about 20 Euro to buy a ticket, if you have time before you can find out information about the Louvre Museum  to make the process of sightseeing and discovery become more interesting. 
During the visit, please pay attention to the captions and follow the requirements of the museum, do not touch or touch the current. You should also bring water or snacks to be able to freely view the artworks here. Visiting the Louvre museum is not merely a visit to a famous tourist destination in France but it also helps you to better understand the history of the world, about the periods that people have gone through. If you have the opportunity to set foot in France, do not miss the Louvre Museum .

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