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The Peak: the ideal place to see panoramic Hong Kong magnificent

The Peak: the ideal place to see panoramic Hong Kong magnificent

The Peak owns 552m in the majestic mountains, fresh air and cool air. Coming here, visitors can admire the panoramic view of Hong Kong from above, zooming in to see the gentle river in Victoria Bay and skyscrapers with unique architecture.
The Peak is the most famous in Hong Kong with beautiful natural scenery. Not only the fresh air, cool climate, lush greenery, this is also the best panoramic view of Hong Kong.
Owning 552m, The Peak is known as the most beautiful mountain on Hong Kong Island , which attracts many domestic and international tourists to visit each year. Especially the young and the families come to explore and freely check - in to live in this beautiful place.

Transportation to The Peak

Before coming to visit this peak, many tourists wonder what is the summit of The Peak by ? However, you can feel secure because the transportation here is very diverse.
To get to The Peak, you can travel by tram or bus. Depending on your preference, you can choose either form. However, according to the Peak travel experience , you should choose to take the wooden train. Because traveling by means of this vehicle, you will see the majestic natural scenery through the train window. The train will depart from The Peak Tram (the foot of the mountain) and to The Peak, feeling very interesting to experience each beautiful image of mountains, charming water.

See the magnificent Hong Kong from the summit of The Peak

If asked: Where to get the best view of Hong Kong? The answer is definitely The Peak .
The Peak , also known as Victoria Peak , Thai Binh 552m is located in the East of Hong Kong. Looking down from the top of the mountain, you will admire the panoramic view of magnificent Kong Kong with soaring buildings, Victoria Harbor and poetic gentle river. Thanks to this unique experience, The Peak is one of the most famous attractions in Hong Kong.
From the top of The Peak, you will admire the famous Victoria Bay, the water on the mountain side of the white foam stones. From the clear water of the bay stretches to the wild blue full of wild grass, then the hill in New Territiries, then the beautiful Cuu Long peninsula. The majestic beauty of the mountain blends in the poetic beauty of the river, adding a bit of arrogance, the lavishness of the skyscrapers, all creating unforgettable sounds of life.
It has Sky Tarrace Observatory, 428m altitude above the sea level to help visitors see Hong Kong in the clearest and most realistic way.
What's more wonderful in the romantic natural scenery, you are zoomed in to see the magnificent Hong Kong. There are skyscrapers, beautiful Victoria Harbor , gentle rivers winding around, remote streets, vehicles, mountains and identical messages. Especially the beautiful and magical beauty of this place at night.
In the afternoon, the city began to light up, the sky turned pink and orange like a glowing galaxy. You will feel like you are in a certain magical kingdom, where there is a bright, sparkling light right under your feet. Above is the romantic and peaceful scenery.
In addition to the value of tourism, The Peak is also considered to be the most expensive mountain in Hong Kong, where many rich people and billionaires live.

The Peak: The ideal "virtual life" shooting spot

With the ideal beauty and height, The Peak is very suitable for families, especially young people who come to check - in and take the best pictures. Here, you can take a picture of yourself with beautiful Hong Kong behind, houses and charming water.
Each angle is a fresh, colorful picture that you will never forget.
Every week, thousands of visitors come here to visit and take photos, including many Vietnamese tourists come to visit, experience and store the best pictures.
Between the skyscrapers and the bustle of the city, you can immerse yourself in the romantic space to check - in virtual life.

song-ao-tu-dinh-nui-the-peakPhotographing "virtual life"
If you have not seen the eyes, you can buy the top of the Peak Tower - the roof of the special area. The building is designed delicately, luxuriously unique boat shape, their name is Sky Terrace. Here, you can open your eyes to admire the center of the beautiful island of Hong Kong.
The Peak is considered the roof of Hong Kong, from the top of the mountain, you can experience the whole beautiful scenery and listen to the sounds of the town far away, certainly, the experiences here will make you like. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hong Kong , do not miss this wonderful peak.

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