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Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque - famous tourist destination of Johor Bahru Malaysia

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque - famous tourist destination of Johor Bahru Malaysia

If you have the opportunity to visit the tourist city of Bahru, do not miss the opportunity to discover and learn the fascinating beauty of Sultan Abu Bakar mosque. 
This is the most famous tourist destination of Malaysia. Every year, every tourist season, this place usually welcomes a large number of tourists to visit and sightseeing. It is not only a mecca of Muslims, but it is also a favorite destination for those who want to explore the beautiful and ancient architecture of this cathedral.
Therefore, in Malaysia tours often have this mosque in the list of destinations that travelers should not miss. It will help you see the beautiful natural scenery of the city of Johor Bahru. In addition, you will be taking lots of beautiful photos as a souvenir for your trip to Malaysia.

1. Introduction to the Sultan Abu Bakar mosque 

This cathedral is built in a very special style. It is a combination of Victorian style and Corinthian architecture. This has created a very unique attraction for this cathedral. 
This place exudes exquisite beauty, sharpness and extremely peace. The mosque was built in 1892 and before its construction, Sultan Abu Bakar was designed with the criteria that this cathedral will become one of the main mosques of Johor City. The people here take 8 years to complete the Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque. This shows how magnificent and monumental this place is? 
The capacity of the mosque is up to 2000 members and since 1900, Sultan Abu Bakar has started to open.


2. Architectural beauty of the Sultan Abu Bakar mosque

This cathedral is made of stones imported directly from Italy so the quality is very guaranteed. In particular, the altar placed inside the cathedral was made and transported from Turkey. 
Part ash containers are made from China. Therefore, all the materials used to construct the Sultan Abu Bakar mosque are beautiful and very rare materials. Therefore, in terms of value and architecture, this place is really a destination with exquisite design and worth your visit and discovery.
Among the mosques of Malaysia, Sultan Abu Bakar is always ranked among the most beautiful churches. It is the harmony in the design that has brought the most perfect and refined for this cathedral.
When coming to Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque , you will witness firsthand the images of granite tiles that were paved up very carefully to look beautiful and impressive. So many people have chosen this destination to check in and take photos as a souvenir.
Coming here will help you find stillness and peace of mind. By this sanctuary will help you dispel all tiredness, anxiety of life. In particular, you will feel more calm and calm. This cathedral will keep you away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

3. Some notes when visiting the Malaysian mosque Sultan Abu Bakar

Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque - famous tourist destination of Johor Bahru MalaysiaWhen visiting this cathedral, visitors need to pay attention to the costumes when going inside to visit. (Photo: @roswadi_ali)

This is not only a place where Muslims go, but this cathedral is also a famous tourist destination of Malaysia. Therefore, if you are planning to travel here, learn more about this place for a more smooth and convenient discovery trip.
It is not only a place of pilgrimage for Muslims but it is also a popular tourist destination of Malaysia. Because this place owns an extremely unique architectural beauty and is considered rare.
The first thing you need to remember when going to Sultan Abu Bakar mosque is the costume. You should choose the discreet outfit when visiting here. Remember, revealing clothes will be disrespectful to this cathedral. Because this is a mecca of Muslims. Therefore, their culture and beliefs have very high requirements on how to dress. Therefore, tourists traveling to Malaysia should have an understanding in advance.
The road to the basilica of Sultan Abu Bakar will not hinder your movement. Because the distance to go here is very easy and convenient. Guests can choose a taxi to visit here or you can also ask people here. They will show you the shortest way to this cathedral.
If the location you are coming to is in the heart of Johor city, you just need to walk within a few minutes to reach this cathedral.
Polite, courteous in communication. When participating in the journey to discover the Sultan Abu Bakar mosque , you are not allowed to laugh or talk. Because this is a sacred place that needs quiet and quiet space.
Pay attention to removing shoes before entering the inner area of ​​the cathedral.
This area is very wide. Therefore, you should go to visit, explore and learn according to the instructions of the tour guide. So you can discover all the great tourist destinations of this place.
With a quiet location and beautiful views like the Sultan Abu Bakar mosque , you will have a relaxing space to enjoy the peaceful feeling of life better. Therefore, this is really a worthy tourist destination for you to take the time to explore. This place will help you learn more about religious knowledge as well as the culture of Malaysia.

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