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Koh Lanta is an ideal place to hide

Koh Lanta is an ideal place to hide

Koh Lanta, Thailand is located on the Andaman Sea, a beautiful but mysterious island. Tourism here in Phuket is not as well developed, so that you can feel its cool!

Koh Lanta is an ideal place to hide

Choosing middle-aged and older travelers, the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand is  far from the hustle and bustle of young travelers seeking to maintain comfortable beaches. There are no mountains of limestone, and coral reefs close to the sea, but the beaches are one of the best tours here   in  Thailand  , such as Kantiang Bay (located in the south of the island), or in the north the Klong Dao island. ...

Koh Lanta, the wild beauty of ThailandKoh Lanta is the ideal place to escape Thailand

To get to,  Koh Lanta Island  - Bangkok, then from Bangkok to Phuket or Krabi Airport Vietnam, passengers will have to fly in two ways. Then continue to book train tickets for the island, visitors should get to know and ask the veteran to avoid wasting time and getting expensive.
Another option is when you can buy tickets to register for the island transfer service at the airport for a guide to pick up and purchase tickets through Koh Lanta Island, the preferred way to secure it due to convenience, speed and safety.
A short note is that the train to the island is very limited during the rainy season, so visitors should avoid the rainy months to facilitate travel to the island.

Beach in Koh Lanta

Many beaches are scattered around West Koh Lanta, some with little or no development. Here are the three most common options:
Klong Dao:  Klong Dao is the busiest beach in  Koh Lanta, Thailand  . The proximity to Ban Saladan offers three 7-Eleven supermarkets with a variety of food outlets and ATMs within walking distance. Suitable for families, Klong Dao has a long strip of sand with shallow water. Most accommodations in Klong Dao provide services for middle and upper class travelers.
Long Beach:  Famous for Phera I, Long Beach is the next major beach in South Kalong Dao. Low-class travelers and backpacks prefer a quieter atmosphere and cheaper accommodation at Baird. Thanks to its name, Bai Dai has the longest clean sand bar and gentle slopes on the island, enough to surf brown. You will not find a suitable 7-Eleven ATM in Long Beach, but you will get the best swimming experience in Thailand.
Klong Khong:  Although this beach does not float like Long Beach, it has small, quiet and friendly bungalows - the perfect place to escape tourists for a while.

How to find Koh Lanta?

Tuk Tuk will take you around 2USD in each direction. If you want to rent a motorbike, (peak season $ 10 / less season $ 5 to explore the island). It is almost impossible to get lost in some roads and driving on the eastern side of the island is beautiful and attractive.
It takes less than 200 baht (about 130,000 VND), and visitors can explore scattered locations throughout the island, as well as enjoy the unheard beauty of Koh Lanta, a cool breeze, warm sunshine And if you are lucky, it will be a picture of a red yellow tree.
although,  There is no airport on the  island of Koh Lanta in Thailand  , with two daily boats that connect the island to the mainland in Krabi from November to April. During the low season, you can still reach the island with two ferry trips by pickup truck and car.

What is attractive on Koh Lanta, Thailand?

With the advantages and benefits of the sea,  Koh Lanta Thailand has developed   many beach fun services and sports Do not miss diving, visitors can easily experience this service in any sea in Koh Lanta. For a small fee, high-speed trains will take visitors to the diving site.
Once fully equipped, visitors can enjoy snorkeling, watching a diverse marine ecosystem under the pale blue waters, and coral reefs with creatures unique to Koh Lanta.
Fishing is also an interesting experience when  traveling in Koh Lanta  , visitors can take part in the fishing and enjoy typical Thai dishes such as Thai pepper sauce from the main or crispy fried fish with hot copper pot. 
Guests can also participate in other sports like kayaking or skydiving at sea ...
If you are tired of going to the beach, you can walk along the tracks to visit the old city of Saladan. As the main town on the northern side of the island, the village is located a short distance from the bridge between Koh Lanta and Koh Lanta Wai (a small island in Koh Lanta).
Here you can find local cafes or traditional stores, some of which are highly rated in this city.
On the banks of the sea is a small village from the ancient city of Lanta, built partly on land and partly on water. Unique design overlooking the sea, many restaurants have been built to serve tourists.
Apart from enjoying the unique cuisine here, tourists of Lanta Old Town can reunite with Klong Khong Beach Bath. Although not as popular as Phra Ae or Kantiang Bay, Klong Khong is a beach often visited by locals.
Through exciting activities such as beach transport or soccer - a favorite sport  on the island  of Koh Lanta in  Thailand  , visitors can easily connect with friendly and social people.

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