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Journey to discover the Petronas Twin Towers

Journey to discover the Petronas Twin Towers

Coming to the beautiful country of Malaysia, you will not be able to miss an attractive tourist destination like the Petronas Twin Towers. This really is a destination that gives you lots of new experiences and emotions.
All tours to Malaysia have the Petronas Twin Towers in the list of destinations. That shows how big the attraction of this tourist destination is? In particular, people here always consider this twin tower a symbol of their country. Therefore, no matter where you go, Petronas tower is always the best destination for you to discover the beauty of beautiful Malaysia.

What's good about the Petronas Twin Towers?

Dubbed the roof of the capital Kuala Lumpur, when standing in this twin tower, you will admire the entire natural scenery like how beautiful? It is hard to find a stand angle that helps you see the whole scene as beautiful as standing in Petronas Twin Towers.
No matter where you stand, this twin tower will appear before your eyes. It looks so towering and stubborn. It is considered a testament to the process of formation and sustainable development of the country Malaysia.
Journey to discover the Petronas Twin TowersPetronas Twin Towers is your best place to check in when coming to downtown Kuala Lumpur. (Photo: dika_strai)

Just look at this twin tower, international visitors will admire the masterpiece created by the country and people of Malaysia. Just come and you will understand why definitely have to visit here once said?
The feeling of standing in a place of towering height and watching the whole scenery of Kuala Lumpur will be wonderful. It will be a truly unforgettable trip for you. Owning a height of 452m, this tower is one of the tallest towers in the world. Therefore, when traveling to Malaysia, you will not miss the opportunity to discover such a wonderful place.

The process of forming Petronas twin towers

To be able to build this skyscraper is a process of efforts and efforts of Malaysia right from the first days of construction. This place symbolizes the national pride of the people of Malaysia. If in America, the Statue of Liberty is their symbol, the international tourists keep mentioning the Petronas Twin Towers that people immediately remember the country of Malaysia with a rich history.
If you come here to visit, you will understand why after 24 years this place has always been a symbol of the solid heart of the people of Malaysia. It stands proudly as a testament to the country's everlasting development and longevity. Currently, Malaysia is growing stronger and rising, reaching out to the world. This place has changed and made great progress in many aspects.
This tower itself is the most eloquent testament to the development and growth of Malaysia. Not only in the present but also in the future, this twin tower will always stand as the indomitable, tenacious and constantly trying every day of the people here.
With the Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia has built a 88-storey tower. This is the headquarters of the oil and gas company. Especially, what is the name of Petronas? The word Petronas is essentially a symbol of petroleum resources - one of the most important raw materials of the island nation.

How to get to the Petronas Twin Towers

Located in the heart of the city, to be able to reach this twin tower to explore, you will not have to spend too much time moving. In particular, from this twin tower to other tourist destinations in Kuala Lumpur is also very close. Therefore, your trip will also become simpler and easier. You can easily ask the way to this Petronas tower because this is a place that any Malaysian people will know, so it is not too difficult if you want to find the way to come here?
If you are departing from KLCC Light Rail Transit (LRT) station, just follow the instruction to reach the Suria KLCC center located at the foot of the tower. From this destination, you will move to the elevator to reach the G floor, also known as the ground floor of the building. Just take this exit and exit the shopping center to see either Tower 1 or Tower 2. After reaching one of the two towers, you will go to the ticket counter by Concourse Level.
Another note for you when traveling to Petronas Twin Towers is that you will have a lot of facilities to move here to choose. Whether you come from any point in the city center, you can choose the means such as trains, buses or taxis to make transportation. These facilities are all very suitable to help you get a real discovery trip to this famous tourist destination.

Certain places to visit Petronas Twin Towers are definitely worth visiting

When you arrive in the tallest tower in this world, you will discover many interesting tourist attractions right at this skyscraper itself.

Discover KLCC Park

This is the first place when you arrive in Petronas twin tower. This place will be an ideal check in place for you to explore. You can come here during the day. However, ideally still at night. When everything is filled with fanciful lights, you will admire the whole city of Kuala Lumpur at night how beautiful?

Experience walking on the legendary Skybridge bridge

This is a bridge connecting the two buildings together and it is located at the 41st floor. With a bridge length of up to 170 meters. Therefore, this is really an interesting journey for you to explore. This attraction is very crowded with tourists. Therefore, if you have the opportunity, please take 20 minutes to be able to leisurely walk on this super nice bridge. Perhaps there will not be a beautiful photographic corner as ideal as standing on the Skybridge to explore.
However, the rule of the Petronas twin tower is that the upper part of this bridge is only for employees working directly at the building. Therefore, the number of tourists visiting this bridge will always be limited in number of people. Usually only 15-20 people are allowed to walk on this bridge to visit. Doing so will ensure the most comfortable space for visitors to experience better. Alternatively, you can stop by the Observation Deck and go to the 86th floor of the building to see how beautiful the city of Kuala Lumpur is at night?
Hopefully the above information will help your journey to explore the Petronas Twin Towers more convenient. Have a nice trip to Malaysia . Another point to note that when visiting this twin tower, you should avoid going on Monday. Because the time the building is open to visitors only takes place from Tuesday to Sunday every week.

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